365 Blog Topic Ideas: For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing to Write About

It can be tough coming up with new blog topics every now and then. Do you ever just feel stuck? This book was designed to help dig you out of a blogging rut and inspire new ideas. Whether you’re just getting started with your blog, or you’re a seasoned blogger, 365 Blog Topic Ideas “For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing to Write About” is the one book you should keep close by. Containing an entire year’s worth of actual blog topics that can be adapted by a wide variety of lifestyle blogs, this easily formatted book will help you fall in love with writing all over again. FROM THE AUTHOR: 365 Blog Topic Ideas is a book I wrote to help you feel a little more inspired when you’re feeling stuck for content. You literally get an entire year’s worth of ideas that you can mix in with your own regular content whenever you feel the desire! My goal: to help you become “unstuck” and spark a little creativity. Being a “lifestyle blogger” could mean something different for many of us. Some of us blog about our home lives, some about cooking or beauty or fashion. I tried my best to make these topics appeal to a large group of different niches, and I think it’s fairly easy to adapt them to your own blog demographic if you need to. I also included different types of topics to help your readers get to know you, and also increase the share quality of your posts, because I think that both are super important in building a following as well as traffic. From my research and experience, certain types of posts get more shares than others, so I’ve made sure to include handfuls of those in this book! You can jump into the book at any page, in no particular order, whether you’re just getting started with your blog or not. You can use the topics as-is, or even get a little creative and add your own spin on them! Enjoy your blogging journey! Dana Fox

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3 Responses to 365 Blog Topic Ideas: For The Lifestyle Blogger Who Has Nothing to Write About

  1. ruthcaw says:

    Perfect for those suffering from bloggers block! I bought this because I love Dana’s blog, and have been struggling to find the time or inspiration to blog. When I heard about what she had been up to I was excited to see it. Her blog is my go to place for creative and fun ideas, and this adds to the collection!I’m so glad that I bought it as it has given me much needed inspiration ready for 2015, the ideas are simple but can create wonderful content. For posts or for a mini series, I’m so excited to put the ideas into practice! I…

  2. Hayley Ashley says:

    A must have for any blogger I actually only found out about this book a day ago – being new to blogging I am always looking for tips and tricks to help me along the way. It’s all well and good planning out your blog in advance but there are often times where you come to a complete stand still, this book has so many ideas, you can use the ideas Dana has given or adapt them to suit yourself and your blog.Reading through this gave me at least two pages of ideas for the next couple of months, but I personally feel…

  3. la messer says:

    Simple, to the point and my little go-to guide As a blogger, I always find it such a pressure each week to plan what to blog about – searching on google for blog topic ideas or frantically searching other blogs for ideas. Dana’s book is full of prompts to get your mind going that could be useful for any blogger of any topic!My favourite’s (that I will most likely use during the festive period when my mind is lazy) being ‘Books you think others need on their bookshelf or coffee table’ and ‘Things that made you smile this week’…