Blogging – The Essential Guide

Blogging How do I start a blog? How do I create a successful blog? How can I keep coming up with ideas? Do you need practical advice to help you go from blogging beginner to brilliant blogger? Read this book to discover what exactly a blog is, why people write them, how to pick a topic for your own blog and what makes a successful blog. You can learn about personal blogs, hobby blogs, business blogs and ho… Full description

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2 Responses to Blogging – The Essential Guide

  1. Jackie Wakefield says:

    Simple and concise

  2. Doc Barbara says:

    Excellent: clear and thorough I borrowed this book from my local library but then decided to buy it as I was sure I would want to refer to it again and again. I have been blogging for a few weeks mostly as Doc Barbara (my Amazon penname) but felt I needed extra help and this book certainly gives it. There are chapters on: basics; starting your blog, mainly on Google Blogger or WordPress; basic online skills and concepts; content; community; style and structure; the law; moving on to eBooks; social media and making a…