#FBlogger: 20 Secrets to Fashion Blogging & Attracting Brands to You

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2 Responses to #FBlogger: 20 Secrets to Fashion Blogging & Attracting Brands to You

  1. Luisa Kearney says:

    Very informative, interesting and easy to read! I’ve read A LOT of blogging books. Some were excellent, some were good and others were difficult to read and didn’t teach you anything new.This book teaches you a lot in the simplest, most concise and informative way! The chapters are short but you learn a lot from them. The book also covers a wealth of blogging related topics too which I found very useful.Also, for its formatting and short chapters that you can “dip in and out of”, it is one of the best blogging books to…

  2. Dr Haidar Al-hakim says:

    A concise yet through assessment on how to win. Now, I’m not a fashion blogger, but i was recommended this book by my coach. And it was well worth it, to see what experts in cross industries are doing. The book is sharp, short and sweet…I found these following pointers to be really useful…..1. Intention is key…. Is your blog a side venture or side hustle or full time job. Start slow and work up. 2. Know your audience and what they want, talk, hangout, shop, do. Make your branding super congruent with your…