Flexible Phone/Pad Stand Holder Bracket by Ubittek Expands To Fit All Phones/Pads Hands-Free Portable Blogging/Video-Chatting/Viewing Never Use Your Hands Again (Silver)

At last – the perfect way to hold your iPhone or tablet without using your hands

The Portable Smartphone/Tablet Holder from Ubittek grips and holds your smartphone/tablet right where you need it most!

Do you own a smartphone or tablet?
Do you frequently use your smartphone/tablet to watch videos, live-stream events, do video-blogging, and/or live-chat?
Do your arms get tired from holding your phone/pad while you do these things?
Do you have a bracket for your phone/tablet, but avoid using it because it does not adjust easily or hold your electronics securely enough?
Is your current iPhone/iPad lazy bracket lack a sturdy neck, or does its base slip out from under it often?

Well, say hello to the Portable Smartphone/Tablet Holder by Ubittek – it is the next best thing to holding your electronics without your own hands!
Flexible, portable phone/pad bracket holds smartphones/tablets at any angle for easy recording and viewing
Phone/pad holder fits smartphones and tablets from 4 to 8 inches wide
Smartphone stand is extremely adjustable – it features a High Hardness Ball that allows 360-degree rotation and a flexible gooseneck
Secure base stand is screw-mounted with slip-proof silicone coating, and iPhone/iPad bracket features inverted-triangle design that prevents electronics from falling out
Smartphone/tablet holder makes a great gift for people who love video-chatting or live-streaming with their phones/pads

Get a good grip NOW with the Portable Smartphone/Tablet Holder

Our many satisfied customers can attest that we sell only the highest quality products available, so you can always expect the best.

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Product Features

  • IMPROVES VIEWING/RECORDING EXPERIENCE: This smartphone/tablet lazy bracket is extremely flexible, so folks using it to watch/record/live-chat can position it however they need it, and have it remain without holding it. Viewers/recorders will always see/be seen from the best angle.
  • WORKS WITH ALLAVAILABLE PHONES/PADS: The phone/pad stand comes with an adjustable bracket that can widen from 4 to 8 inches to easily accommodate all brands of smartphones and tablets currently available to consumers.
  • INCREDIBLY ADAPTABLE: The phone/pad holder is constructed with a state-of-the-art High Hardness Ball that allows it to rotate 360-degrees for ultimate convenience. The gooseneck-inspired, highly bendable stand is made from a premium metal alloy that is completely malleable while refusing to crack or snap off.
  • SECURE BASE: The smartphone stand is built to prevent phones and pads from falling. The holder bracket has an inverted triangle design to keep electronics from slipping out, while the screw-mounted clip for the base is silicone-coated to stop it from losing its grip.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA:This smartphone/pad stand makes a terrific gift idea for all those people who enjoy video-blogging, video-chatting, and watching videos/live-streamed events on their Phones and tablets. It is convenient and practical.

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3 Responses to Flexible Phone/Pad Stand Holder Bracket by Ubittek Expands To Fit All Phones/Pads Hands-Free Portable Blogging/Video-Chatting/Viewing Never Use Your Hands Again (Silver)

  1. Rich Miera says:

    Child friendly.

  2. Marth Curi says:

    definite must buy if you watch netfix or videos in bed

  3. Spencer Kocaj says:

    Easily attaches to tables and furniture.