How to Write 37 Different Types of Blog Post: Blog posts for traffic, sales and subscribers (Blogging book Book 2)

You’ve started blogging, perhaps completed a blogging challenge or two. And now you’re wondering what next?

What if there were blog posts that you could create for specific goals like
*Blog posts to attract traffic
*Blog posts to entertain (Memes, parody, satire)
*Blog posts for social proof
*Blog posts that gain your sales
And of course which blog posts should you write to connect and captivate your audience?

“The words Blog & Sarah Arrow go together like wine and cheese – people rarely think of one without the other.” Jay Blake

In this book, Sarah Arrow, the UKs leading professional blogger shares with you 37 different blog posts and how to write them for results. Of course, it’s written in Sarah’s chatty style and shares examples of people using each type of blog post. No matter what niche you are in, you can benefit from trying out each of the 37 blog posts in this blogging book. Sarah understand’s that time is of a premium, and you want to get the from your blog posts as soon as you can, hence this handy guide.

This book is a perfect follw-up to Sarah’s 30 Day Blogging Challenge (graduate success rate 24%, other people’s challenges 6% success rate), as well as being able to use it with no knowledge of the blogging challenge, this guide will help you keep your blog posts generating traffic and sales for you. What more could you ask for?

This Kindle blogging book contains links to resources and the examples of each type of blog post.

If you want to write blog posts that attract traffic, social shares and sales then download your copy now.

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3 Responses to How to Write 37 Different Types of Blog Post: Blog posts for traffic, sales and subscribers (Blogging book Book 2)

  1. Jay Blake says:

    Sarah is the blogging queen I’ve just picked up Sarah’s latest book and once again I am thrilled, even on the first read i have picked up new ideas and more importantly found more blogs I should be following.Sarah’s ability to share knowledge and provide live examples of how it should be done make this a must have for anyone with a blog and an absolute necessity for anyone without one, why? Because it is Sarah’s belief that blogs are no longer a nice to have!!Each suggestion comes with an example…

  2. Rosanne Berry says:

    The Blogging Queen does it again ! So much useful information packed into these pages including many links and references. This is a must read for anyone keen to improve their blogging and give their reader a better reading experience.I am keen to work on the case study as Sarah makes it sound as though it could be useful to my niche, it is something I have struggled with in the past but I think now is the time to move on this.The call to action section is brilliant, this is often something I couldn’t quite get my…

  3. Ruby McGuire says:

    Should be called 37 Fabulous Ideas for Blog Posts! Such a great book! Packed full of useful information and structured in a way that you can dip in and out of it as you’re creating your blog posts. I had a few a-ha moments reading the book, one was that I try to create catchy titles but I could make better use of my memes by using those titles as memes on Pinterest. I know the kind of things I like to pin with ’14 ways to …’ But I never made that fab connection for driving traffic back to your site. I also love the idea of doing a ‘100 people…