iRig Mic Cast Ultra Compact Microphone for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Product Features

  • Features a stereo mini-jack headphone output which enables real-time monitoring of what is being recorded using headphones or speakers
  • Offers a mini-switch that provides two different sensitivity settings to record close-up or distant sources.
  • Includes an adjustable desktop stand for convenient iphone/ipod touch positioning during recording.
  • As a bumper-friendly mini-jack connector that fits the majority of iphone/ipod touch cases.

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2 Responses to iRig Mic Cast Ultra Compact Microphone for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

  1. Blueangelical says:

    Brilliant. We bought a cheaper one before this one and tbh it was rubbish so we splashed out in this. It’s perfect. Used on an iPod Touch for YouTube videos, works flawlessly.We bought an adjustable arm stand which clamps to your desk and this came with an adapter to fit the mic in perfectly. With the addition of a fuzzy bought separately the microphone is up there with the best. Quality materials and feels solid to the touch, nice weight to it and works really well.Little add on…

  2. Tuncio says:

    A Battery Monster This is a good product for mobile recording with some drawbacks. It works ok with expression pedals, such as volume and wah, but when it comes to use it with other stomps, it really does not work. So, if you are planning to use it on the stage, you will not be happy of its performance. Its a battery monster!! It can finish a full alkaline battery after 8 hours continuous playing. Applications such as GB, JupXT, ATube consumes too much battery. If you are planning to use it during a journey,…