Little Black Book: The Sunday Times bestseller

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2 Responses to Little Black Book: The Sunday Times bestseller

  1. MT says:

    A nice idea that could have been better executed Little Black Book is a collection of statements/advice for women on different subjects relating to business. I wasn’t fully sure what to expect from this book but I wanted to like it as I knew of the author and I’d read some bits online about what she was trying to achieve, which I fully support. The advice in the book is useful if you’re absolutely brand new to business and need some thoughts to chew on to get you started; other than that, there unfortunately isn’t much value to be gained…

  2. Lola says:

    Adrenaline shot of good advice! I am not sure why nobody is shouting about this “Little Black Book” (actually a bestseller on Amazon as I type this), which is nothing more but a piece of advice, inspiration and wisdom for all of us ladies out there (and here). Adrenaline shot of good advice. Seriously, you might have heard it all before, but never in such no-nonsense, go-get-them format.Never disapprove quietly. Talk about money. And WORK for it, because “Nothing will work, unless you do.” – Maya…