NooElec NESDR Nano 3 – Premium Tiny RTL-SDR w/ Aluminum Enclosure, 0.5PPM TCXO, SMA & MCX Input & Custom Heatsink. RTL2832U & R820T2-Based Software Defined Radio

Say goodbye to blocked USB ports! The tiny NESDR Nano 3 is the ideal SDR for portable and embedded applications. Quad SDRs on a Raspberry Pi? USB OTG? Not a problem for the NESDR Nano 3! The Nano 3 is just 17mm x 8mm x 20mm weighs only 15g!

The Nano 3 is built into a high-quality brushed aluminum enclosure. In conjunction with the 2 internal silicone heat pads, this ensures that heat is removed from board-level and to the exterior where it belongs. The aluminum enclosure ensures that EMI is kept out out of the sensitive SDR circuitry, and emissions from the digital circuitry are contained within the SDR enclosure. The latter is especially important in EMI sensitive environments like automotive and flight applications!

An articulating, right-angle female SMA connector is included to allow you to attach both male SMA and male MCX antennas directly to your SDR.

The NESDR Nano 3 contains the same custom TCXO we include in our NESDR SMArt series. This 0.5PPM, ultra-low phase-noise TCXO is by far the highest performance TCXO available in ANY low-cost SDR.

We are so confident of the reliability and stability of this SDR that we offer a full 2-year warranty–the longest in the industry.

CAUTION: The enclosure will get hot! This is by design, and will not affect performance of the SDR. Please be cautious when touching the SDR after prolonged usage! A custom heatsink, which can optionally be affixed to either side of the SDR to further improve heat dissipation, is included with your purchase.

This RTL-SDR is based on the R820T2 tuner IC made by Rafael Micro, which means an approximate tuning range of 25MHz-1700MHz . There is also an RTL2832U IC on board to provide basic demodulation and USB interface functionality.

Full compatibility with a wide variety of popular SDR software packages, such as Matlab, CubicSDR, HDSDR, SDR Touch, Stratux, Planeplotter for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android & Raspberry Pi.

Product Features

  • No more blocked USB ports! This RTL-SDR was designed into a tiny form factor to ensure proper fit within the smallest USB-compliant spacing. The Nano 3 is just 17mm x 8mm x 20mm & 15g!
  • The high-quality aluminium enclosure and silicone pads ensure that heat and stray EMI stay where they belong
  • The included articulating SMA connector allows for connection of both male SMA and male MCX antenna types without additional expenditures
  • The industry-leading 0.5PPM temperature-controlled crystal oscillator (TCXO) ensures that you will always be able to find the signal you need with absolute minimal drift and jitter
  • Proudly built in North America in our US & Canadian facilities. Full 2 year product warranty!

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Product Features

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