Blogging for Profit: Traffic Generation Secrets, Hints and Tips (How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog All Day and Every Day to Gain a Loyal Audience Even While You Sleep!)

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Torpedo Your Traffic: 40 Tips for Increasing Blog Traffic at Every Stage and In Every Industry

Traffic is a fickle beast! Once you think you’ve mastered the basics, it rears its ugly head and says “NAY!! NOW YOU SHALT NEED TIIIIIME!!!” (Or money, or technical knowhow for that matter.) . Uncork Your Dork is a biz ALL about transparency and giving readers as much of the kitchen sink as is humanely possible.

SO, with that in mind, Terra Dawn created a 60 page FREE ebook dedicated to helping bloggers navigate the the trials and tribulations of their traffic and audience building journey.

Following the obligatory “Hello my name is…” chapter, she jumps straight into tips and tricks for n00bs. If you’re just starting out in your little corner of the interwebs, perhaps you need a little nudge and a place to start. This chapter is all about getting you set up with social media, branding and a little bit of organization.

In the second chapter, Terra talks to bloggers who are looking to build on a budget. Getting traffic DOESN’T have to be all about ads and courses!! What it DOES need to be about, is being at the right place at the right time. (And, of course, knowing where that right place is.) In this chapter, you’ll learn advanced pinning methods, collecting testimonials, and SEO.

The third chapter takes traffic to the next level. Eventually, as a blogger and business owner, you’ll get to the stage where you need traffic….and you need it yesterday. This chapter is all about finding your sources for traffic FAST. Be it through the “bucketing” system (it’s a game changer), writing certain kinds of posts, automating, or throwing yourself into the limelight…this is where you’ll get the mind blowing additions to your traffic building formula.

Finally, Terra will speak directly to the blogger’s looking to make some of this traffic permanent. You don’t have a business if you don’t go for sales. And you PROBABLY won’t do well in sales unless you have a strong subscriber base to back you up. SO, in the chapter you’ll go over all of the steps to growing your list to the moon and back.

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How to Write a Blog, How to Make Money from Blogging: Insider Secrets from a Professional Blogger Proven Tips and tricks Every Blogger Needs to Know … Volume 2 (Professional Freelance Writer)

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Deliciously Ella Every Day: Simple recipes and fantastic food for a healthy way of life

Just like the enormously successful Deliciously Ella, Britain’s fastest-selling debut cookbook, Deliciously Ella Every Day is designed to help you change the way you think about food, setting you on your way to a healthier lifestyle.

Suffering from a rare, life-affecting syndrome and finding little relief in conventional treatments, Ella Woodward developed a new way of eating to help herself get better, turning to natural, plant-based ingredients while avoiding sugar, gluten and dairy. As her condition gradually improved, Ella began to share her philosophy through her now enormously popular Deliciously Ella blog, inspiring others to embrace her positive, healthy way of life that, unlike many diet regimes, is filled with anything but boring food.

Understanding that nourishing your body with wholesome ingredients needs to fit in with your existing lifestyle and not feel like something difficult, Ella has written this book to help you make the right choice every time so you can start to glow from the inside out. Packed with 100 of her trademark simple yet tempting recipes including quick weekday dinners, slow-cook comfort food and incredible ‘on the go’ meals plus tips and tricks to help you get ahead, Deliciously Ella Every Day shows you how to enjoy delicious, natural food while getting on with your busy life.

Hardback, 256 pages.

Product Features

  • Features 100 healthy plant-based recipes
  • Written with today’s busy lifestyles in mind
  • Simple but tempting food
  • Gluten-free, sugar-free and dairy-free cooking
  • From the popular Deliciously Ella blog

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