CRAPHY 2000W Professional Photography Studio 4-Socket Softbox Continuous Lighting Kit with Backdrop Stand,100% Thick Muslin Background (Green,White,Black),45w Lamp,Light Stand,Holder Kit and Portable Bag for Video Blogging Portrait

CRAPHY, only for photography.Any question, please just email us.


It is used in the studio to provide any form of lighting above the subject.
This lighting kit may be the most affordable kit currently. Ideal for product shots, as well as portraits, costumes, furnishings, etc.


(3) x 19.7″x25.5″ Softbox

a. Color: Black/Silver (Out/In)
b. Size: 50*65cm/ 19.7×25.5 inch

(3) x 4-socket Light Head

a. Operate 4 Bulbs separately to control light stream
b. ON / OFF switch for the adapter
c. Voltage: 220V

(3) x 82″ Photo Light Stands

a. Adjustable height: 65cm-210cm

(12) x 45W Soft White Bulb

a. 10000 hours long life bulbs
b. Voltage: 220V

(1) x Boom Arm Reflector Holder Kit

a. Adjustable height: 65cm-135cm/ 25.5in-53in
c. Max loading Weight of 2kg
d. With sandbag for balance

(1)x 10×6.5ft Backdrop Support System

a. bars are adjustable from 2.7ft to 5ft.
b. Height can be adjusted to 6.5ft maximum.

(3)x 10ft(L) x 5ft(W)Non-woven Backdrop (Green/Black/White )

1x Portable Carrying Bag

Package Included:

(3) x 19.7″x25.5″ softbox
(3) x 4-socket light heads
(3) x 82″ Studio High Light Stand
(12)x 45W soft white bulb
(1) x boom arm reflector holder kit
(1) x 10×6.5ft backdrop stand support system
(3) x 10x5ft Non-woven Backdrop(Green/ White / Black)
(1) x Convenient Carrying Case

Product Features

  • 【Contents and for】This professional photo studio lighting kit includes 3 softboxes,3×4-socket light heads,3×82″tall light stands,12x45W white bulbs,one reflector holder kit,one stand support system,3x THICk muslin backdrops(Green/ White / Black) and one carrying case. Can be used in the studio to provide any form of lighting above the subject. You could use them in the studio photography or videography as well as on location projects.
  • 【Boom Arm Reflector Holder Kit & Free Carrying Case】2-sections telescopic holder arm,comes with sandbag for balance and can be adjusted from 65cm-135cm/ 25.5in-53in. Max loading Weight of 2kg,it’s strong enough for most lights with a soft box or large umbrella. Also,the whole lighting kit can be easily collected in the free carrying case, you can take it outside conveniently.
  • 【Background Support System & Backdrop】heavy support stand was made of lightweight metal, quite solid.It consists of two fully adjustable lighting stands,two bars are adjustable from 2.7ft to 5ft.The background stand supports backdrop up to 10ft in width and extend to maximum height of 6.5ft,height can be adjusted to 6.5ft maximum.While the Non-woven 10x5ft backdrop is indispensable accessory for your photo studio.
  • 【Lighting Sets & 82″Light Stand】12x45W pure white energy saving light bulbs,10000 hours long life,5500K, just made for photography.Protected by styrofoam packing. Lightweight lights stands are made of three knots aluminum, stable and durable,Compatible with all major photo equipments including reflector umbrella, softboxes, lights, backgrounds, photography lights and more. Adjustable from 65cm-210cm,quick release levers allows full and smooth height adjustments.
  • 【Studio Softbox】The softbox is with detachable curtain, was made of fabric high-reflecting and high temperature resistant material.Refraction reflective capacity is twice as common particles of reflective cloth.Besides,soften lighting with soft box for reducing overexposure and hot spots.

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