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Book Publishing On Amazon
– How to use the Amazon categories to find the perfect topic for your first book
– A simple DO THIS DO THAT template to help you write your book fast!
– The 4 Point criteria to follow so you’ll know if your topic will sell or not
– The top 3 niches to target if you really want to make a killing via Kindle publishing
– How the Amazon best-selling rankings works and how it can help you decide what topic to write in
– How to choose the perfect title and sub-title for your book…something that would sell!
– 2 Formulas for writing sub-titles
– How to create your outline so you’ll have an easier time writing your book
– My top 8 tips for writing your first book efficiently fast
– 3 resource for outsourcing your book cover
– How to write a product description step by step and how to upload your book and get approved fast
– How to promote your eBooks in a way that it’ll have higher chance of being a best-seller in its category

Blogging Like a Pro
– The 4 step process to take to go from clueless to a pro blogger
– Why “blog about your passion” is bad advice and what to do instead
– 5 Awesome ways to find a topic that you love and other people will pay money for
– The top 3 biggest niches and why you should blog about them
– How to create your own WordPress blog even without technical skills
– The 2 kinds of blog domain names that you can use
– How to choose the right domain name for your blog
– What settings to follow on your wordpress site
– The 7 step process that will serve as a template for creating your own blog content
– 7 profitable ways to monetize your blog for maximum profits and minimum stress!


The truth is you can learn these all by yourself. But why waste your time and money when you can take a shortcut and avoid some possible costly mistakes along the way? The path to online success isn’t a straight road – that’s for sure.

If you’re an action taker and your willing to make things happen, then this book bundle is for you


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The Second Coming: Another Year of Nonsense from Two Chubby Cubs

No-one likes a boaster, but this is the thickest, longest entry that we’ve ever flopped out. It might makes your eyes water – but just take it slowly, you’ll be fine. This is a collection of the second year of stories, articles, travelogues and nonsense from the two chubby cubs! Split into lots of smaller articles, this book – weighing in at over 110,000 words, will leave you satisfied and smiling. We’ve also included the missing entries from our trips to New York and Cornwall – the glamour! The glitz! The language might be blue and the content a little coarse, but underneath all the bluster beats a big old heart. Go on – treat yourself to a second helping of your favourite Cubs!

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MadameParis – Top of the Range Straightening Brush – Voted Beauty Blog Product of the Year 2016 – MIRACLE Edition – Superior Quality compared to Classic Straighteners – Enhanced power – Quick heating

MadameParis is a brand created by 4 specialists in beauty and fashion.

Miracle Edition
MadameParis is a brand in touch with its customers. We have listened to all of your feedback on our first edition and used it to build an even better product!

The difference
The Miracle straightening brush offers superior quality workmanship along with a design that is more effective and comfortable to use. Some of the great improvements of this model include: buttons that can be locked, higher quality materials and increased power. Miracle stands out from the other brushes on the market as it offers much higher quality compared to other prize-winning brushes, while remaining affordable.

Numerous awards
The Miracle straightening brush has been tested by several bloggers and industry specialists. Their reaction is unanimous: it is the best value product on the market in 2016!

Benefits of a straightening brush
You will only need a few minutes to style your hair each morning. You can select the temperature according to your hair type and the result that you wish to create. Your style will look more natural than when using tongs or straightening irons.

Instructions for use
Use the MadameParis Miracle brush on dry hair. It is very easy to use – simply move through your hair as you would with a normal brush. For best results, separate your hair into several sections first.

Don’t hesitate – add the Miracle brush to your basket before they all disappear!

Product Features

  • ✮ ULTRA EFFICIANT AND FAST ✮ The MadameParis Miracle edition straightening brush is revolutionising the world of straighteners. Create a perfectly smooth style in just 3 minutes!
  • ✮ ALL HAIR TYPES ✮ Curly, straight, thick, fine..? No matter what your hair type, your new straightening brush will have a mode to suit you. Your hair will be smooth!
  • ✮ NEXT GENERATION ✮ The Miracle edition brush offers unbeatable quality with precision workmanship, a quality LCD screen and a rotating cable.
  • ✮ PRODUCT OF THE YEAR 2016 ✮ The MadameParis Miracle brush was voted best straightening brush 2016! Acclaimed by the blogosphere, it’s the most effective and affordable straightening brush on the market!
  • ✮✮✮ 100 % MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ✮✮✮ If for any reason this brush does not meet your requirements, don’t worry. MadameParis will reimburse you within 24 hours, no questions asked. Don’t hesitate – add your straightening brush to your basket now!

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