The Social Network

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3 Responses to The Social Network

  1. Sarcosuchus says:

    “Like” Button Like many people, I was actively resistant to the idea of watching a movie telling the story of Facebook. Smarmy frat-house brats high-fiving as they hunch around a computer screen with a few “brewskis” – becoming billionaires en route – sounded like a recipe for the most teeth-grindingly awful movie ever: Porky’s for Dorks, if you will. I went reluctantly.Thank God I did though. I should have had more faith in David Fincher – he’s a smart enough film maker to realise that this…

  2. tallmanbaby says:

    top script, but a tad too long This film has an uphill struggle against all the hype that surrounds it, with David Fincher and Aaron Sorkin on board this should be the Citizen Kane of our generation. Furthermore nearly three hours of cinema about unlikeable characters building an internet business would be a tough sell at the best of times.The actual films is somewhere between the hype and one’s worst expectations. Until about half way it is worthy and impressive, but frankly a little dull, around the point that…

  3. BrownPolar says:

    BrownPolar Verdict Millions love being on the Facebook, but would as many be interested enough in the story of its creation and in the genius behind it to while away two hours in the cinema, despite all the orchestrated hype that Hollywood marketing machine generates for any film these days?The answer would be a resounding no from many, particularly from the older generations, but they would be rewardingly surprised how exquisitely crafted, engaging, entertaining and intellectually satisfying…