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  • Aaron Murakami on the Killah Priest Podcraft

    Recorded – Aaron Murakami Interviewed by Killah Priest of Wu Tang Clan

    by Aaron Murakami

    Here’s a 3 hour interview where I cover a variety of topics sort of like a sampler – consciousness, aether, dipole, gravity, open systems, etc. and even a few Cosmic Induction Generator demonstrations at the end. Special thanks to Vinny B for making it possible to introduce our work to a new audience!

  • 2022 Energy Science & Technology Ticket Sales Open!

    by Aaron Murakami

    General admission and student admission tickets are available now for the 2022, 11th Annual Energy Science & Technology Conference. Location is the Hayden Lake Eagles in Hayden, Idaho, which is about 50 minutes from the Spokane International Airport in Spokane, Washington. Dates are July 6 to 10 (Wed to Sun). The tentative schedule is posted […]

  • Thane Heins

    Thane Heins to Present at 2022 ESTC – Under One Condition

    by Aaron Murakami

    Thane Heins contacted me to present his RegenX Motor and Generator technology with a claim of infinite COP. I’m aware of his work over the years, the claims, etc. and I will reserve judgement on the validity of such claims. My condition is that he allows me to pick my own experts to independently measure/validate […]

  • Tesla Scientific

    New Frequency Calculator on RPX Page from Tesla Scientific

    by Aaron Murakami

    Special thanks to Simon Davies aka dR-Green (on Energetic Forum) for creating a simple, user-friendly calculator on the new RPX website. Everyone can instantly see what audio frequency needs to be mixed with the 3.1 MHz carrier in order to create sidebands that are rich in harmonics for ANY frequency they want. Simon has been […]

  • Wu Tang Clan Member Interviews Aaron Murakami March 14, Monday at 5pm Live

    by Aaron Murakami

    Special thanks to Vinny B. from New York for scheduling me as a guest on Killah Priest’s live streaming YouTube channel. The show is this coming Monday the 14th at 5pm pacific time zone and will last until 8pm – so 3 hours of discussing some of the work we do, what projects are coming […]