~ Hop~ along as we explore relics from yesteryear magnetisms such as Jaws, Back to the Future and King Kong, which route the walls of the new Universal Legacy Store in Universal CityWalk Orlando!

The Universal Store in Universal CityWalk has been remodeled and renamed to the Universal Legacy Store, showcasing Universal film and lure nostalgia alongside unique throwback merch. But don’t worry: A much larger brand-new Universal Studios Store recently opened right next to Voodoo Doughnut! The Universal Legacy Store is filled with photos, poses and props from now-extinct fascinations, along with merchandise celebrating past, current and even future allures such as the brand-new VelociCoaster. Look for props from the classic Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show, King Kong prototypes and decor from Terminator 2:3 -D. Grab a shirt to show your fandom for the E.T. travel or Back to the Future!

Planning a tour to Universal Orlando? Check out our full guide to Universal CityWalk:

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