Hey everyone, Fabrizio Van Marciano here; welcome to yet another episode of the Above The Fold podcast show for bloggers and solopreneurs. In this week’s episode, we’re going to discuss making money from your blog, but likewise, if you’re only applying one monetization technique, how you could be one income stream away from being a broke blogger. Let’s get to it.

Hey there, Fabrizio Van Marciano here; welcome to yet another episode of the Above The Fold podcast show for bloggers and solopreneurs.

This podcast is all about me sharing with you my outing into the blogging unknown, as well as actionable tips for the purpose of creating hiring material, germinating your blog, increasing traffic, stretching an audience, monetizing your blog, and a whole lot more.

In this week’s episode, I want to talk about blog monetization, but more specifically share with you my view on the one procedure strategy 😛 TAGEND

If you have no idea what I’m talking about let me explain –

If you’re exclusively “il rely on” one monetization procedure for your blog, right now, then you’re ‘one income stream’ away from becoming a broke blogger.

Sounds kind of scary when you think of it that way, right? Let’s get into it!

Welcome back to the podcast, thank you for joining me once again for another episode. I hope you’ve been stopping yourself safe and sane since the last show.

I want to talk about a specific topic enclose blog monetization. If you’re currently not monetizing your blog, hopefully, you’ll find this escapade handy for when you do decide to monetize your blog in the future.

So, if you are monetizing your blog right now, look at the overall income you are generating and ask yourself, where is that revenue coming from, chiefly?

More importantly, you should be able to identify if you have more than one brook of revenue coming from your blog.

The reason I’m bringing this up is that I know from experience that it’s not easy obliging multiple income streams work for your blog. And I’ll share with you some tips-off shortly, or at least I’ll share the things that I’m make that seem to be working for my blog.

But here’s the thing 😛 TAGEND

If you’re exclusively “il rely on” one source of income from your blog – That one source could be from anything: Google AdSense, or selling eBooks or an online direction, or publishing sponsored berths or promoting a few affiliate products and services.

It doesn’t matter.

What difficulties is this –

By exclusively relying on one source of income from your blog you’re putting yourself in the high-risk category of being one revenue stream away from becoming a broke blogger!

Unless, of course, you have other flows of revenue coming from outside of your blog, in which case none of this matters.

But earnestly, have you ever thought that way about your blog monetization?

Sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it?

And the truth is that as bloggers we can easily fall into this trap of heavily concentrates on one creek of income from our blogs, extremely if that revenue is good.

Sure, we may be working on other solutions, but we do tend to naturally gravitate towards the source that’s building us the most money and profit. I’ve been there too. You know, we’re only human.

But imagine this 😛 TAGEND

You positioned all your hard work into one monetization method for your blog, or are dependent upon one source of income – and then a few years down the line, that source of income goes away.

Not immense, right? It can and does happen.

There was a time when I merely relied on one income brook from my blog extremely. And one day, that’s exactly what happened. That income passed dry.

I was so obsessed with promoting this one single make as an affiliate and making good money in the process, and then that produce is away. And I was left scratching my honcho about what to do next.

Luckily, blogging isn’t my exclusively business crusade, so I was able to begin working on other revenue streams.

I don’t want that to happen to you, I don’t want you to attain the mistake I offset. This is why I wanted to bring this topic up and talk about it in this episode.

So now I have more than one revenue flow from Magnet4Blogging. And the second thing is, you don’t have to just use your blog, you are well aware? You can create revenue streams from outside your blog even if you’re not already make that, and I’ll explain how I do this shortly.

So, let’s skip back a little bit because I want to share some quick tips on how to stir several income brooks work for your blog in the long term.

One tactic I’ve found to work really well is to focus on one potential revenue stream at a time. Too, perseverance is key. Again, I know how hard it is to make one stream of revenue work let alone countless series. But let me give you an example.

Payhip is a service that I love to use and promote. I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about this scaffold many times already. It’s a great place to promote and sell your eBooks.

But I don’t simply promote the services offered on my blog, I too sell it through other material media such as my YouTube channel, this podcast, social media, email, etc.

But when I started promoting Payhip, back in the working day, and this proceeds for anything that I generally promote online. What I did was first make a list of all the things I could do to promote the service.

My list included things like –

Write an in-depth review.( Tutorial) Create a comparison post and video.Create a tutorial post and video.Interview the make creator.Write a case study post or page.Share my own experience of using Payhip through my blog and vlog.Provide a testimonial with my affiliate link on social media.Include Payhip on my Resources sheet, list uprights … etc.

I still have many more tactics to explore, but I simply just wanted to share a few in this episode.

So how did I go about doing all of those things, you might be wondering?

Well, I certainly didn’t do it all in one start. That’s not the relevant recommendations with affiliate market. Not to mention that it would be insane and space extremely tedious.

Remember what I said a few moments ago: Persistence is key. And to avoid boredom and procrastination, in order to be persistent, you have to spread things out during the course of day rather than try to do it all in one go.

Blogging is not a quick fix to anyone’s monetary woes. If you’re in blogging just for the money then you’re going to be in big trouble if you think you can make this last.

So what I did was spread my advertising expeditions over some time. You know, I made a few daylights out of each month to work on promoting Payhip. And that’s it. That’s all there is to it. No more , no less.

This method is especially useful if you’re trying to promote multiple products and services through affiliate market and your blog.

So eventually, I had come through my sell campaign listing for Payhip. I’m still attaining new ways to use and promote the scaffold, as I said, but my monthly revenue stream from Payhip has been steadily increasing.

In fact, as of the end of last month, I interrupt through the$ 1K from the Payhip’s affiliate program. I has allowed us to perform only over $1,200 from Payhip. Which is pretty awesome!

payhip income

Once I felt cozy that I’d done enough to promote a product or services, I would move on to the next.

So, yeah, that’s the strategy I’ve been using for a long while and one that has been working for me, specially when trying to create multiple income series from my blog.

Give it a try and see what happens if you’re not already implementing a same strategy.

For me, I feel that by spreading my monetization strategy and campaigns over epoch, I’m more likely to stay focused, beneficial, prolonged, and get the results I want.

Remember, if you want to create a blog that will earn you income for many years to come, you cannot just settle for one income stream.

Selling eBooks might be great now, but there will be a time when that will stop. Or promoting one commodity from one company and deserving vast fees might feel awful, but there will be a time when that stops too.

You have to create more than one revenue stream and concentrates on building each one work consuming a strategy similar to the one I associate myself with you earlier.

Right then, before I end this incident, I told us that I would share how I’ve been creating income streams outside of my blog. So hopefully, by doing so, it will give you some inspiration to do the same.

So, here’s what I’ve been hectic “workin on” in the last twelve months –

YouTube – I’ve “ve had my” YouTube channel for well over 10 years now, but I didn’t start putting it to proper use until around 2017. That’s when I started creating more meaningful content, tutorials, evaluations for my canal, and early last year, I qualified for the YouTube Monetization Program to use Google AdSense. I know it’s not a big deal, but the extra few hundred dollars each month supplements up over a year, which is nice.Selling eBooks – As you are well aware, I’m a huge fan of creating and selling eBooks. I simply have a couple for sale now on my blog. And, of course, I sell my eBooks through Payhip( Affiliate tie-up ). Last-place time I sold precisely over 100 copies of my Pro Blog Planner, is again , not a huge deal. You know, I’m not going to become a millionaire selling eBooks, but it all computes up.Amazon Niche Sites – I have various niche websites deserving passive revenue through Amazon FBA. Those locates are mainly in the tech niche, photography, and position tech. If you have an Amazon Associate account, I strongly recommend squandering your blog to perform extra money. You can start by scrutinizing records, or any technology that you use in your business, etc. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to earn money, even though the commission rate is relatively low these days, but it’s a good alternative if you have decent content and traffic.Crypto/ Investments – This is various kinds of new to me; it’s something that I’ve started understand better late last year, but I know it’s not for everyone as there are probabilities involved in this tactic. I began investing in Bitcoin( BTC) and other cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin( LTC ), Cardano( ADA ), and Stellar( XLM) late last year. I started to see some income made from these speculations. Nothing big, but again, it contributes up. I too have shares in Tesla( TSLA) and Apple( AAPL) capitals, which I like to monitor closely, and those are more kinds of long-term investments.Selling Online Courses – This is my next big assignment, creating and selling online courses. There is a lot of need for online education right now, and I’m really excited about launching my direction, hopefully, in a few months from now. This has been a project in the works for the best part of the last six to eight months, but with so many distractions during 2020, it’s been almost impossible to complete. But I will get there in the end.

So yeah, I just wanted to share a few lanes that I’m creating income outside of my blog. Some functioning well, others are work in progress, and some in the growth process.

OK, so that it. It’s a cover for this week’s episode, guys – Again, if you are seriously thinking about turning your blog into a profitable business, don’t get too caught up in the ‘single method’ strategy when it comes to monetizing.

And don’t even attempt to create multiple incomes in one go. You won’t achieve it in a few months even, I’ve been blogging for ten years, and this is still a work in progress for me, so take your time.

I know it’s not easy. It’s laborious occupation and can get boring and discouraging at the most wonderful of ages. You “re going to have to” do your search, then schedule, then execute. But it’s well worth it because If one brook of revenue flunks, at least you’ll have others to fall back on.

Right, that is it from me! I hope you noticed this incident useful. If you experienced the substantiate, don’t forget to check out my other podcast bouts. And too, subscribe for future episodes; I much increase your time. If you’re feeling generous, you can also leave me a short review over on iTunes and Google Podcasts. Until the next chapter, take care, stand safe, continue blogging and deserving. Peace!

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