Hey, what’s going on everyone, thanks for tuning into another chapter of the Above-The-Fold podcast show for bloggers, financiers, solopreneurs, freelancers, and material pioneers. My name is Fabrizio Van Marciano and I am your host. In this bout, I’ll share why we decided to move our blog from SiteGround to Kinsta!

This is Episode 15, and I know that there’s been a big gap between this occurrence and the last. I published episode 14 back in February, I repute. So what can I say? It’s been a busy time. A much has been happening on the business front, blogging breast, and animation in general. Bunch of planning and mutates are happening.

My wife Samantha started a brand-new career back at the start of the year, and she’s too the part-time editor now at Magnet4Blogging, so she’s been helping me out with material examining and modernizing some of the older blog uprights on Magnet4Blogging.

I’ve also been hectic working on other projects, creating music and structure my online route, initiating material for my YouTube channel, and so on. So I situated initiating brand-new content for Magnet4Blogging on the back-burner for a little while. I contemplate I talked about those things already in a past episode, so I won’t go into them again.

Talking of changes, over the last month, I’ve been ameliorating the tech load here on Magnet4Blogging. As well as my freelance business website at Fabrizio Van Marciano fleck com. As a outcome, I’ve been snipping back on the number of plugins I’m squandering, including information on this blog. Ideally, I just wanted to get my plugins to count under 12, and I see I’m almost there.

Another significant change, which too happens to be the topic of this occurrence, is that we migrated Magnet4Blogging from SiteGround to Kinsta!

Yep, it’s finally happened. I’ve talked about doing this for some time now. I projected on moving Magnet4Blogging to another legion when I initially published my review of Kinsta back in October of 2019, so it’s simply made me a few years, but we got there eventually.

So in this episode, I guessed I’d share with you – you know: Why I decided to make the modify, the transition process, and I’ve got to say that it was less stressful than I envisioned. I pretty much did the part migration myself from SiteGround; it wasn’t that hard to do. Although, I received some fanciful assistance from the Kinsta team on a few DNS questions, which they cured me out with.

And so here we are, almost a month of using Kinsta, and “whats being” I say? I’m jolly delirious about it! Early dates, yet, I know. Something could still go drastically wrong, but it should be fine; I’m optimistic about it.

I have every confidence that Kinsta is an excellent hosting fellowship and that we originated the best choice. Like I said, I got the opportunity to test-drive their stage a few years back and refresh it. And so, I’m happy to be hosting my blog with them. Of track, they’ve not been around for long, but I’m elicited about have them, finally.

Why we decided to leave SiteGround for Kinsta?

So, let me roll back to the beginning and talk about the dilemma I was experiencing with SiteGround. But I must say that SiteGround has been a great host; they still are a great host. I’ll continue to use them for smaller WordPress programmes, although I may migrate my freelance website FVM to Kinsta in the coming weeks.

The main issue I was experiencing with SiteGround was that my blog wasn’t loading properly. You know, it just emerged violated from time to time. Like the scheme and CSS would be all off. If I didn’t notice it immediately, my visitors would let me know via my Facebook page. So each time this happened, I had to log in to my SiteGround account to flush out the Dynamic and Memcache.

Now, this question only arise if I happened to log into my WordPress. And only if I are set to making such a an amendment of a blog post, publish brand-new sections, nip my blog design, etc. At first, I imagined, perhaps, I was using too many optimization plugins. I was using Autoptimize, Perfmatters, and the SG Optimizer plugin. Yeah, maybe that was way too many. But in all such cases, even after removing those plugins and emptying the database, reddening out the cache, eventually, the problem would return.

So with my blog emerging violated every so often, alarm bell were echoing off in my Google webmaster console. I was receiving notifications for mobile usability questions. I was likewise having some page accelerate issues.

Anyway, I decided to back up everything and remove all of the unnecessary and heavy plugins, tracking writes, analytics writes and assessment my place again, and it was still experiencing questions. So, I moved my blog to Kinsta. That’s the short of it.

Before I dive into the details and the outcome and where I am now with the blog, let me just briefly explain the process very quickly. I won’t dive into the details because I want to create a video tutorial soon on migrating to Kinsta.

SiteGround To Kinsta: We Moved Our Blog

Migrating Our Blog To Kinsta

My first step was to sign up for Kinsta Hosting. I didn’t need any more convincing at this time; I wanted to make a move.

I signed up for their Starter Plan to begin. Once my history was up, I appointed an empty-headed environment for my WordPress website.

The next step was to backup my blog via SiteGround; I then installed the duplicator plugin. I’ll have a link to this plugin in the appearance notations if you need it.

Resource: Duplicator plugin.

I have to say; the plugin is a lifesaver. It allowed me to create a terminated simulate of my blog right in my WP dashboard before tightening it into a nice zip file, which I could then download onto my computer. There was also an installer write that I needed to download with my zip file.

Next, I went back into my Kinsta hosting account to obtain my SFTP credentials for the drain website I caused. I expended an app for the mac called CyberDuck, an FTP client, to connect to my Kinsta account server. I then dragged and stopped the website records from my computer into CyberDuck and uploaded it to Kinsta.

Recommended: Cyberduck Application for Mac and Windows

Once I had unpacked everything onto my new Kinsta account, I could retrieve my blog via a temporary region to make sure it was working.

The next gradation was to point my domain name to the server on Kinsta hosting my blog. Of trend, it was a little bit more technically involved than that. I followed instructions provided in a Kinsta tutorial, which was very useful. I’ll link to this tutorial if you want to check it out too.

The only issue I had is that I didn’t well known to change a few DNS puts properly, which the Kinsta team steered me through carefully, and I can’t thank them fairly for that.

The final step was to perform a search and change fo all of the internal and external joins. I needed to change them from my temporary orbit to my prime domain.

Just for the record, I actually didn’t need to migrate my blog myself manually. I could have readily let the Kinsta team to do it because I did get one free movement for the starter account. But, frankly, I wanted to learn how to do this myself, so I did.

Right then, so migrating to Kinsta is simple enough if you’re WordPress savvy, but if you aren’t sure what you’re doing, or if you’re not confident to do it yourself, click on the Request Migration when you have your account setup. Assuming you are looking to migrate to Kinsta too.

So what is the result?

Well, as I said, it’s very early days more. We’ve been with SiteGround since 2015, but I once enjoy a few positives about using Kinsta. One of which, of course, is no more broken website, tangled CSS, and HTML issues.

We’ve too ditched a few ponderous plugins and removed the Google Analytics tracking script from the blog. Why? Well, because we now have analytics right in our Kinsta account, plus, I don’t look at the traffic stats that often anymore. We have been trying out a paid assistance announced Plausible, which provides more accurate and less intrusive data about our blog traffic.

I also took the liberation to descent some redundant databases and empty rows from the blog after lift the plugins, and it’s loading very nicely and quickly. I’m, candidly, thrilled.

So yeah, guys, I just wanted to let you know that we moved web hosting providers. We’re proudly running on Kinsta’s fully overseen WordPress Hosting. Kinsta offers payment hosting that wreaks state-of-the-art tech, high-speed network, next-gen infrastructure powered by the Google Cloud Platform if you don’t once know.

If you’re thinking about changing entanglement host providers for your blog, I highly recommend checking out Kinsta. If rate, protection, and professional buoy matter, and, of course, you’re a WordPress user, then you’ll love using them. I’ll have a link to Kinsta in the support observes for this episode.

Recommended: Kinsta WordPress Cloud Hosting

They are on the expensive slope, but you get what you pay for, and that’s high-quality premium service. You’ll find links to Kinsta in the support records of this chapter. And also the footer of every sheet on Magnet4Blogging. These are affiliate attaches, so if you click on them and obtain Kinsta hosting, I will be paid a small commission, but at no additional cost to you.( Disclaimer below ).

OK, so that’s all I have for you in this episode; I hope you experienced adjusting in. If you did, satisfy consider leaving me a short review over on iTunes and Google Podcasts too. And I would ask you to agree, but I’ve taken down my due page for the moment. But hopefully, it will be back up soon.

If you want to learn more about me and my blog, principal over to Magnet4Blogging. net. OK, chow for now, take care, abide safe, and proceed create some formidable material. Peace!

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