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You’re starting a new website, you Google the domain name to see if it’s free, and you recognize it’s already been taken by someone else. Bummer.

This happens most frequently than not. Domain name enrollments increase by more than 14 million year over year. So, the occasions that any established domain name may be taken are only going up.

What are you to do if you really want a domain name that has already been claimed? What’s your best course of action if you’re sitting on a valuable orbit you’re looking to sell? You find the best domain broker to work on a negotiation plan and agent a fair deal on your behalf. Here, I dive into the best domain dealers currently on the market that’ll help you do all the ponderous lifting to acquire–or sell–a arena.

# 1- GoDaddy Domain Brokerage — The Best For Name Recognition

Even if you’ve never bought a domain name before, opportunities are you’ve already heard of GoDaddy. It’s everywhere. Hence the identify recognition.

With GoDaddy Domain Broker, you can increase your chances of catching a possible land seller’s attention when one of its agents reachings out for you while you stay anonymous.

Once paired with an negotiator, they’ll spend 30 epoches mediating on your behalf to get the best possible deal within the budget you decide on. If the agreement is successful, GoDaddy’s agent ensures an easy and safe payment process for you and promotes the domain’s migration to your detail. In other words, you get peace of mind. As far as selling and buying digital real estate properties goes, ensuring you’re engaging on reliable batches by develop partnerships with a dependable realm middleman can make a world of gap.

GoDaddy boastings over 20 million global patrons with 20 years of arena event under its belt. This attains them a realm middleman that spurs refer approval and confidence. The experts know a thing or two about get develops when it comes to domain brokerage.


GoDaddy prices an initial advisor fee that beginning at $ 119.99. Depending on whether they are successful in buying your subject, they then get 20 percent of the sale.

To get started with GoDaddy Domain Brokerage, enter your domain name hereto get in touch with one of their agents.

# 2- VPN.com — The Best For Negotiating Large Domain Deals

If you’re after a arena deal that’s well into the six representations or higher, then develop partnerships with a tried and true domain broker like VPN.com can pay off. It boasts over $65 million in arena transactions and was responsible for the seventh-largest domain deal in 2019.

What causes VPN.com apart is its well-rounded approaching to domain brokerage. The service exercises Escrow.com for pay treating care and ensures you stay completely anonymous throughout the process. VPN.com is a solid brokerage option if you want to acquire or sell a highly valued region.


VPN.com doesn’t charge any upfront fees. As far as fee leads, they never charge over 15 percent.

You can get a free region appraisal about to begin. Otherwise, fill out a short questionnaire to get an initial scold from a middleman.

# 3- Domain Booth — The Best For Low Commission Fees

Domain Booth has more than two decades of ordeal in the domain name space. What’s more, they’ve also sold over $30 million in domain names. Domain Booth is a go-to middleman for fee domain names that are in the top one percent.

One of it’s best boasts is it exclusively compiles money if it successfully acquires or sells your province. So, you can be sure you won’t be investing money in a bargain that is likely to not happen.

This meets it easier to acquire a domain name that you’re genuinely interested in without any downside. On the other hand, this also starts them more selective with the domains they decide to sell or acquire. The lost commission fees and zero upfront penalties you’ll experience with Domain Booth, along with their years of experience in the gap that can prove valuable, make it one of the top realm intermediaries worth “re looking for”.

I recommend looking at their previous sales and assistance alternatives to see if they’d be a good fit for your domain needs. As a reputable and professional site, you can easily access all this information on their site.


Once they’ve reached a successful deal, Domain Booth’s committee is only 12.5 percentage. And again, there was a need for no upfront financing.

Get started with Domain Booth now .

# 4- Grit Brokerage — The Best For A Broker With Notable Sales

Ever wonder who was responsible for the acquisition of the domain ICE.com for more than$ 3 million? Look no further than Grit Brokerage. They’re likewise responsible for the sale of provinces like Panda.com, Doors.com, and Partners.com.

One-word domain marketings like these placed Grit Brokerage apart as a subject middleman with highly striking sales. What does this mean for you? A confirm track record of auctions brokers that know their stuff and get results.

You can already guess that brokering treats on their roster takes abundance of tenacity, persistence, and a whole lot of skill to boot. With Grit Brokerage, you can be sure you’re getting both, whether you’re looking to buy or sell a realm.


To learn more about their costs, communicate with them through their site since they aren’t publicly listed.

Get in touch with Grit Brokerage now to learn more.

# 5- MediaOptions — The Best For Outbound Domain Brokerage

If you’re exclusively looking to sell a land, you have a powerful orbit agent like MediaOptions at your disposal. They be addressed with top fellowships that want to acquire highly valuable domain names. And yours might just be members of them.

MediaOptions has brokered subject copes in the millions for startups and vast corporations alike. They’re responsible for a number of remarkable subject business through Escrow.com. So, you can be sure they’re constantly active and well connected in the sale of valuable domain names.

Unlike other realm middlemen, MediaOptions doesn’t send impersonal mass emails to their prospective customers. They pick up the phone and contact key promises they recollect will be interested in your land. In other terms, they do all the selling for you. This is probably why they can boast an 80 percentage sale proportion on the domain names they decide to take on, as then there selective with who they work with.

The combination of track record, policy, and how cheap it is as an effective domain seller forms MediaOptions one of the best in the field for outbound region brokerage.


MediaOptions doesn’t charge any service fees upfront. It simply bills you if they successfully sell your arena. And its sales commission is an inexpensive 15 percent once the cope closes, with a minimum of $1,000.

You can easily get started with MediaOptions now if you’re looking to sell a prized domain name for the best possible price.

What I Looked At To Find The Best Domain Brokers

There are a number of benefits to using a arena middleman to acquire( or sell) a realm instead of attempting to do it all yourself. They’ll take care of the bulk of the negotiations and paperwork and render additional land ties you really don’t have. Not to mention, a lot of the skills of a subject intermediary are acquired over occasion and are highly valuable because they can save you two things: season and money.

Here’s a immediate listing of what reliable and effective domain middlemen are usually taken away from your plate 😛 TAGEND

All the technological aspects of what goes into transferring a domain to you fully and successfully formerly a administer is finalizedMaking sure sales agreement are honored and amply followed through safely via the liberty platformsServe as an arbitrary third party that ogles out for your best interests as a buyer or sellerGive you pricing steering according to market value and demandSpeed up the process of buying or selling a domainFind the contact information of a registered domain when information isn’t publicly available or easily accessible

Unsurprisingly, a domain brokerage service requiring all of the above is your best bet in terms of getting a hold of–or selling–your dream realm. While some intermediaries can work with a wide variety of disciplines, others specialize in specific types of subjects, postponements, or slews that might not be what you’re looking forward to.

You’ll want to decide if you wish to work with a niche domain broker as opposes it a more general service provider going forward. To take it a stair further, here are a few more things to consider when you’re searching for an effective domain broker.


As a possible discipline buyer, you might not want to have your identity disclosed when inquiring about the potential sale of a registered domain for a number of reasons. A good province broker gives people the ability to remain anonymous throughout the process and even though they are the sale doesn’t go through.

As a realm buyer with a business, this can be a deciding factor when you’re brokering a registered land. Your sensitive information doesn’t have to be made public if you don’t want it to. But you need to ensure your broker guarantees this as part of their brokerage service.


Different domain middlemen bill different rewards. When you’re employing a province agent to work on your behalf, it’s a good idea to compare what percentage of the sale they’re charging you and the importance they volunteer for what they charge against other service providers.

Name Recognition

Many domain brokerage business, like GoDaddy, leverage call recognition to make acquiring a subject easier. With reputation acknowledgment, you’re ensuring the best chance at a response from the domain owner, which are capable of eventually lead to a sale.

Some domain brokerage services are more conspicuous than others, so it can be a factor in determining who you want to represent and are to be achieved on your behalf. Depending on your unique statu, refer acceptance can be an added benefit. And closely related to name recognition are any valuable linkages the agents may have.

Negotiation and Expertise

When you’re looking to buy or sell a land worth thousands or potentially millions of dollars, be sure to look at their negotiation process, biography, and domain brokerage expertise with a magnifying glass.

The same intermediary that could be used to got to get pinkandbluerocks.com might not be the best one to help you acquire sought-after one-word domains like coffee.com or cars.com. Questions like what successful orbit batches they’ve brokered in the past and if they have any sort of repeatable track record can help you find the title agent.


An effective orbit dealer offsets the process of acquiring or selling a arena a breeze. Let’s face it, selling or buying a domain successfully can take a lot of upfront direct. Once you’ve experimented which domain name you want and offset sure it’s once registered, the next step is to look into which domain broker fits your needs.

As they say, province brokers aren’t all created equal. Here’s a quick summary of the domain dealers I recommend and reviewed now 😛 TAGEND

GoDaddy Domain Brokerage– The best for refer recognitionVPN.com– The best for negotiating massive region dealsDomain Booth– The best for low-pitched commission feesGrit Brokerage– The best for a dealer with conspicuous salesMediaOptions– The best for outbound domain brokerage

Now I’d like to hear from you. Are there any orbit agents you’ve had a great experience with worthy of mention? Let me know in the comments. I’m all ears!

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