Blog: Ideas of Hope chronicles the issues and events on
Socio-Economic-Political-International affairs from 2009-14. Ideas of Hope pioneered a concept of reaching out to top decision
makers with ‘out of box ideas’ that could be used for policy making
for the betterment of mankind. Some 35 years ago a school boy recorded his first speech “democracy is by the people, for the people and of the people” on a Sony tape recorder gifted by his father; however, father could not believe that speech was drafted by an 11 year old school boy barely learned English language. A few years later, the same school boy rendered a speech in a class room about his goal in life—to be an entrepreneur in order to utilize vast natural resources available in his state and create jobs to give employment to skilled manpower in the country. Apparently this school boy took lot of interest in the Indian History and taken them to heart as he did not like his country being subjugated to colonialism conceding leadership, losing wealth and economic might. How his country would become an economic and political power reigned through his mind all along which he could not dare to share with any body for fear of ridicule and gossip. However, when the school boy become an adult and his imagination took concrete form he started to share his Ideas in a blog “Ideas of Hope” that has witnessed over 12000 page views globally. Ideas of hope is an honest attempt to reach out to the decision makers in Government, Private sector and Non-Governmental organizations with ‘out of box ideas’ for policy formulation to make a difference to socio-economic-political life in our country and the external affairs of our Nation.
POLITICS AND POLITY: Once upon a time India was politically strong and had influence beyond its borders. If we travail back a few hundred years in Indian History we will find due to lack of political unity among then Indian rulers made India weak and therefore the target of invaders culminating in over three hundred years of colonial rule. If we do not wake up now the History could repeat itself sooner than later. This remains the central idea and the running theme in this chapter though it has been discreetly embedded in the political issues and events of our times to make the discerning readers think deeply on the subject and reflect at leisure for making plan of action to make a difference to our politics and polity. This chapter aptly starts with the emergence of an undisputed and much sought after leader in Sri Narendra Modi, The Prime Minister of India who won the confidence of people of India with a massive and unprecedented mandate in the lower house of parliament. A brief profile of Modi followed by what he intend to achieve and how. Reader will also find how “Ideas of Hope” ran a campaign in favor of a strong and stable majority Govt. with a strong and experienced leader at the head for a resurgent India of our dreams much before 2014 general election. There are other interesting snippets on how we can modify Capitalist system to suit our country’s need and aspiration of a united Indian sub-continent and prosperous South Asia. This chapter also contains problems in our polity, opportunities and strategy to deal with them at the least possible cost and time in the author’s perspective.

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