Get a hands-on interaction with a dolphin while understand better these stunning swine at Discovery Cove Orlando!

If you’re not familiar, Discovery Cove Orlando is an all-inclusive period resort with one tonne of aquatic escapades. So much is present in your Discovery Cove day, including up-close animal knowledge, unlimited nutrient and cup and~ toadally~ unwinding dive and lounging opportunities everywhere you glance. The resort itself will transport you to a tropical paradise, complete with white beach beaches and flickering waterfalls. Discovery Cove also offers some an improvement of your era at an additional cost — and one of our favorites is the Signature Dolphin Swim( for ages 6 and up ). Here’s everything to know about this one-of-a-kind experience.

Note: In is in conformity with CDC counseling, face coverings are no longer required for patrons who are fully injected at Discovery Cove Orlando. For more information about the resort’s current health and security plans, tour: https :// orlando/ park-info/ park-safety/

Are you ready to swim with a dolphin at Discovery Cove? What questions do you have about this experience? Let us know in the comments below!

Learn more about the Discovery Cove Dolphin Swim event here:

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Video Chapters
0:00 – SeaWorld Discovery Cove
0:38 – Discovery Cove Dolphin Swim
0:51 – How to make a Dolphin Swim reservation?
1:32 – Who can participate in the Dolphin Swim?
1:49 – How deep is the water?
1:58 – What do I wear?
2:29 – How countless dolphins do you get to meet?
3:07 – What about photos?
3:49 – Save on Discovery Cove Packages


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