Nothing ruins a day quite like an unfortunate nail situation. Snags turn into tears, and that’s a quick way to turn an otherwise pleasant afternoon into an annoying affair of avoiding picking things up at certain angles.

But lucky for you, you were prepared for this. These awesome nail files are not only a lifesaver for clearing up those rough edges before they turn into full-on tears, but the variety of colorful graphics make them a fashion statement all their own. The design is printed directly onto one side of each emery board, and both sides can be used for buffing and shaping. Plus, they’re sold in a set of four, so you can always keep one handy!

Approximately 7.0″ (18cm) x 0.8″ (2.0cm) in size each.

Product Features

  • Truly unique set of nail files
  • Both sides can be use for buffing and shaping
  • One side of each nail file has image shown, white on opposite side
  • Approximately 7.0″ (18cm) x 0.8″ (2.0cm) in size each
  • Sold as a set of 4

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