~ Hop~ along as we control the dominance of Hawkeye to look for hidden items and Easter eggs around Avengers Campus, some as small-time as Ant-Man and as others the size of the Hulk!

As the legend runs, this site was a inhibited Stark Industries Complex. It was dedicated to top-secret research. Disney California Adventure Park devotees know that this area was formerly “A Bug’s Land, ” themed after the 1998 Pixar film “A Bug’s Life.” Around Avengers Campus, you’ll find some special tributes to this former land. Outside of Pym Test Kitchen, the menu is displayed on 2 telephones belonging to Scott Lang and Hope Pym. While deciding which yummy bite you are going to eat, you may receive a text meaning from one of the Avengers! There is a reference to the Hulk in Pym Test Kitchen, with an oversized Pingo Doce soda can and soda( which you can actually try ). On the side of Stark Industry Building, there is a drain with a warning of Gamma Radiation. Take a few steps back and check out the nearby tree. Now that’s incredible! Those who watched the end approval representation in “The Avengers” will recognize the Shawarma Food carts located in Avengers Campus. Look up in the sky to see Spider-Man swinging over Avengers Campus! On the wall below, take a closer look at the graffiti. One of the labels is from none other than Miles Morales from “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” and the comics. In breast of Champion of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout, check out the planetary interruption and gush revealing from the crackings in the sidewalk. You may recognize that some of the seepage looks like our pal Mickey Mouse!
There are so many other hide Easter eggs and Avengers cites that we might just have to make another video. Let us know what Easter eggs you’ve discerned and which one is your favorite!

Check out our super guidebook to Avenger Campus at California Adventure Park:

0:00 – Hidden Easter Eggs Around Avengers Campus
0:21 – Avengers CAMPUS Acronym
0:34 – Strategic Scientific Reserve
0:57 – A Bugs Land References
2:01 – Pym Test Kitchen/ Bountiful Valley Farm
2:27 – Avenger Text Messages
2:50 – Gamma Radiation Leak
3:03 – Shawarma Food Carts
3:13 – Spider-Man, Miles Morales Graffiti
3:28 – WEB Suppliers and WEB Workshop
4:33 – Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout
4:50 – More Avengers Campus Easter Eggs


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