~ Hop~ along as we tour the brand-new Jurassic World Tribute Store!

To celebrate the opening of the Jurassic World VelociCoaster, Universal Orlando surprised supporters with a gratitude store dedicated to Jurassic Park! Step into the firstly area to discover the Jurassic World VelociCoaster control area, ended with screens moving the raptors and coaster. Move along to the second room, which is home to the raptor paddock. You toadally feel like you’ve been transported to the one in the original Jurassic Park film. We desired how the raptor encloses are now being used to display merchandise, but watch out — there are 2 raptors on the loose! In the third room, penetrate the Jurassic Park lab which has been abandoned and overrun with vines and tree branches. Look out for some actual screen-used props in this room. You may even discern the shade of a T. Rex while browsing the retro-themed merchandise. As you enter the fourth chamber, which is themed after “The Gentle Monster, ” we hope you have worked up an desire. Find Jurassic World gives like the Jurassic World Dig in Jar or the Amber Gummy. Stop by the Egg Nursery for a beings chocolate egg to hatch( or eat ). Universal Orlando propelled an amazing new coaster that is easily one of our top favorites, and this new tribute store is a perfect way to stigmatize the moment.

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