So after doing some of my own experiment on the best way to create an online course, I decided to go with LearnDash LMS and WordPress. Was this a mistake and a ended waste of time and fund? Read my terminated LearnDash review below to find out.

About a month ago, I lastly decided to begin working on one of my primary goals for 2020, and that’s to create an online course. I’ve been scheduling on doing this for some time now, to be honest. But, I didn’t find the time until a few months back.

After deciding on the couple of courses I wanted to create, I ran about searching for the best solution to create my first trend. As in, what software to use.

I’ve read plenty of critiques about the various lotions available. I looked at Teachable, which amazed me at first. And then, I discovered the monthly cost and customization limitations.

But this was the least of my concern. There was the whole aspect of content copyright and audience ownership. Who owns what?

I didn’t like the idea of having my route hosted on a stage that I had no hold over.

I also looked at other programmes like Thinkiffic and Podia. But again, I was left reflecting about material owned. The pricing arrangement likewise didn’t excite me much.

I would have likely squandered something like Teachable or Podia if –

A) It wasn’t for the massive fears that I had over copyright and ownership. For instance, if I wanted to sell the course later on, what options would I have if the course was hosted on a stage that wasn’t mine? Probably none.

B) If that platform were to collapse someday, what would happen to my track? I like to have 100% dominate over everything; that’s merely my problem.

Why I decided to go with LearnDash and WordPress?

Setting up a hosted WordPress website using a theme of my preference, and the LearnDash plugin wasn’t a huge challenge for me. Especially since I work with WordPress every day as a designer and developer.

So, I decided to bite the bullet and went for that highly option–WordPress with LearnDash.

Now, I realize that this might not be a solution for everyone. For example , none-techies might want an easier option, and for them, something like Teachable or Podia might be the more fitting alternative, if that’s for you.

Anyhow, after much debate and research, I began setting up my WordPress site, hosted on SiteGround, for my first online course.

I purchased the LearnDash Plus Package, which would give me a license to create unlimited courses on up to 10 websites. More than I actually needed, to be honest. But me being me, I like having the extra resources time in case.

Now, let’s get on with the LearnDash review previously! What I will do is set out the directory of assemblies that I’ll cover.

I’ll be as honest as I can with you. If you have followed my passage so far as a blogger, you’ll know that I don’t exactly write examines for the sake of making money! And I don’t praise, promote, sanction any concoctions, business that I have NOT used in my business or don’t fully trust.

What is LearnDash ?Who should use LearnDash ?What fixes LearnDash different ?What are the most notable features of LearnDash ?How do you create an online course with LearnDash ?Theme customizationWhat are the pros and cons of using LearnDash ?LearnDash Review: Final verdict ??

OK then, let’s get started.

What is LearnDash?

LearnDash is a strong all-in-one LMS( Learning Management System) plugin for WordPress. It was co-founded and created by Justin and Kloe Ferriman in 2012.

LearnDash Review 2020

LearnDash has gone on to become the number one choice of LMS for numerous Fortune 500 Fellowships, and tens of thousands of brands around the world. They are currently used by transcend administrations such as ProBlogger, InfusionSoft, and WPElevation.

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Who should use LearnDash and why?

LearnDash is for anyone genuinely interested in creating an online course with WordPress.

LearnDash gives you complete control over every aspect of your online direction from creation to selling.

There is a little bit of a discover swerve to be suffered if you’re not very savvy with WordPress, but generally speaking, it’s quite simple to use formerly you’ve gotten the clevernes of it.

If you’re a freelance designer or make like myself, working with WordPress, then having the LearnDash LMS plugin in your toolkit is a must and opens openings to more opportunities.

Currently, LearnDash is being used by favourite endeavors like Infusionsoft as well as universities such as the University of Florida, Michigan, and Washington.

What clears LearnDash unique?

LearnDash is unlike any other ‘standalone’ LMS platform. LearnDash was designed for WordPress hosted websites. What you’re not coming here is a course building toolkit that’s ready to plug and play, if that determines sense.

You can’t precisely contributed content and be done. You have to build your track from the ground up, so that includes creating the course content, customizing the organization, and styling whatever topic you might be using.

So, for instance, you can use any topic you miss and add LearnDash on top of it. I use Oxygen Builder myself, so that implies I can build a custom theme and layout for the course I want to create. You can be utilized whatever theme or theme developer there is a desire. More about this later on.

But what really clears LearnDash so different from any other tool out there is this – If you ever decide to sell the course someday, you’ll have very few problems doing so.

Here’s how and why 😛 TAGEND

Since you’re building the course from the ground up on your own hosted WordPress platform with your own domain name, you’ll have 100% ownership of that route. You’re also responsible for all of it.

If you were to use a service like Teachable to create your route, you might struggle if you ever decided to sell the course as an end product.

What are the most notable features of LearnDash?

LearnDash isn’t your average LMS, it comes with an perfectly mind-boggling amount of pieces. Some you’re going to find simple to use and useful, others not so much. But what can be said is that you’re going to find everything you need for creating your online courses in LearnDash.

learndash tut 11

Let’s take a closer look –

Focus Mode – To give your learners the best possible experience expending your direction without distractions. Furthermore, you can add your own branding, such as mottoes, icons, and emblazons, to clear your route seem and feel more personalized and professional.

Powerful course builder – Without a fear, LearnDash is strong. Where else can you organize multi-layer trends expending lag and plummet editing? If you have content already published on your blog, converting that material into direction information is quick and simple.

Advanced quizzes – You can add four types of quizzes to your direction content to make it more employing and honoring for your students.

Drip feed content – You can create two kinds of learning experiences for your students; drip-fed content over era, or give your direction all in one go.

Dynamic meetings – You can build an active and engaging parish with meetings to encourage sharing and debate.

Course times – Award tops each time a task is completed to unlock brand-new ones. This is a great way to promote learning.

Certificates and medals – Make your directions worthwhile and rewarding with custom-built authorizations and badges.

Monetize features – Monetize with various programmes, including one-time purchase, dues, bodies, and more. Create course licenses and bundles.

Administration peculiarities – Administration options give you ascendancy over sketches, email notifications, group administration, detailed reporting, assignment control, and more.

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LearnDash is expandable through a range of add-on plugins. This facet alone gives LearnDash LMS way ahead of any other solutions or rivalry out there. Again, based entirely on my experience, that’s my opinion.

learndash tut 10

The list of addons include –

ElementorStripeLearnDash NotificationsWooCommerceMemberPress for LearnDashPaidMembershipsProLearnDash Course GridMultilingual IntegrationZappierbbPressEDD for LearnDashGravity FormsRestricted Content Pro2CheckoutEvent EspressoSamcart Integration

How do you create a course with LearnDash?

Now, let’s talk about getting setup. The process of creating a course with LearnDash is actually simple enough to do. It doesn’t truly matter what theme you have installed; LearnDash should work just fine.

Installing and activating the plugin is pretty much textbook, like any other plugin. Once you’re mounted, you’re ready to start using LearnDash.

If you’re 100% brand-new to this LMS and generally exercising WordPress, the first thing I would recommend you do is head over to LearnDash LMS> Overview in your dashboard.

What you will see on this sheet is the LearnDash Bootcamp. You’ll need to enter your email address and the permission key to begin with.

learndash tut 1

What I’d recommend you do next is make some time watching the rest of the tutorial and setup videos. If you’re not a techie, you’ll gain a better understanding of LearnDash very quickly.

I know it’s time-consuming and you just want to start building your route, but you’ll be glad you watched them when the time comes to putting your trend together.

Don’t forget to refer back to the Tips and Trick and Documentation section on this sheet when you need to.

Before you start creating your direction, going to see LearnDash> Settings to customize your likings. This sheet has quite a lot of options so make your time to go through each one.

I would compensate particular attention to the General, PayPal Settings, and Stripe Settings tabs.

Under the General tab, you can customize the design and content points. For instance, upload a motto, named pagination, convert admin user establishes, and access Rest API options.

learndash tut 6

Under the PayPal Settings invoice, you can add your PayPal email address to send remittances more when you sell your trend, set currency, and customize redirection after someone has paid for the course.

learndash tut 7

Under the Stripe Settings tab, you can insert your Test or Live Publishable and Secret key to allow for credit card remittances to be made for your course.

learndash tut 8

Don’t forget to set your Stripe account to the testing mode when you’re creating your track and when you’re ready to accept pays, you can switch both Stripe and the specifies in LearnDash to Live Mode.

If you don’t have a Stripe account, get one now.

OK, let’s move onto actually creating your course applying LearnDash!

The options in the sidebar menu, Courses, Lessons, and Topics are pretty much self-explanatory. All such courses you appoint will be displayed on this page.

To create your first course, simply click on the Courses option, then at the top, you’ll ensure a button that says Add New; simply click on it.

learndash tut 2

On the next page, you can start by giving your course a identify and contributing some content. The material you add on this sheet will be issued on the course home page.

learndash tut 3

Next, you can use the Builder tab to create assignments, topics, quizzes, and use drag-and-drop to arrange them any route you require. I would recommend you contribute all of your task and topic origins now first before you start customizing each part and adding content and videos, precisely to save some time.

learndash tut 4

Once you have all of your route content supplemented and tasks and topics planned, you can begin editing each one in more detail.

If you toggle your mouse arrow over the Lesson or Topic, you’ll receive an Edit | Remove relation seem. If you click on the revise tie-in, you can open the editor to add your Lesson or Topic content.

learndash tut 5

For the most part, that’s the basic steps needed for creating your trend. I’m pretty confident that you’ll figure out the rest from here.

Theme customization for your track

I want to talk, very briefly, about topic customization. You have to remember that LearnDash is not a topic. You was necessary a WordPress site with a theme once lent. That said, you always want to customize the course components and aspects to pair your topic without hacking any system, and that can be a bit tricky.

Since I use Oxygen Builder to build out and customize my topic from scratch, LearnDash toils flawlessly with this. I am able to create a custom stylesheet and add all the customizations in that vogue sheet for such courses, including buttons, tie-ups, backgrounds, emblazons, etc.

Whatever theme you’re utilize, you can add your own customizations by going to see Appearance> Customize> Additional CSS.

learndash tut 13

learndash tut 91

Of course, you don’t need to have Oxygen to use LearnDash. As I said, you can use any other theme, such as the Genesis Theme Framework topic, Elementor, etc.

Video Coming Soon: In the coming weeks, I will be putting together a detailed Course Building tutorial video exploiting LearnDash. Subscribe for updates to get apprise when the video is published here.

How much does LearnDash cost?

So, cost-wise, there are three tiers available in the pricing options.

Pro PackagePlus PackageBasic PackageUse on 25 places and initiate unlimited courses.Use on 10 sites and make unlimited courses.Use on 1 site and originate unlimited trends .$ 329$ 189$ 159

What are the pros and cons of using LearnDash to create your trend?

Let me start with some of the pros –

One of the most popular and trusted LMS out there for WordPress.Fully loaded with aspects. Unlimited customizability in comparison to other solutions. Causing an online track exploiting drag-and-drop doesn’t get better than this.Affordable in comparison to other solutions.Compatible with most of the themes and page builders out there like Oxygen Builder.Complete monetization options.Huge roll of addons for swelling! No coding required, much! Fantastic customer support and well documented with guidebooks and lessons built right into the LMS.

And what about the cons?

Well, in all honesty, and I’m sorry if this sounds perfectly skew, there aren’t that numerous cons, for me, at least. But for the purposes of the it, I’ll try and squeeze a few out to make it merely –

Throws a bit of a see swerve admittedly, and can be a little bit complex for non-techies. Not so straightforward as most ‘out of the box’ mixtures like Teachable. Some CSS knowledge is required if you want to easily customize buttons, ingredients, joins, typography, etc. Under the General tab in rectifies, there are a few options for customization. Anyhow, formerly you’ve experienced your course around, it’s a joyfulnes to use.You’ll need to integrate LearnDash with PayPal and/ or Stripe. It’s not that very difficult to do. However, if you don’t have accounts with either PayPal or Stripe, you won’t be able to collect remittances when you sell your tracks.

LearnDash Review: Final verdict?

So the decision is in and here it is!

I don’t have a bad thing to say about LearnDash; I merely wish I’d learn how to use it much more quickly. I’ve been procreating my confidential online route for the last six months with LearnDash, and I’m having a lot of fun.

I’m in no haste to get this course out, I want it to be as perfect as I can get it, and with LearnDash, I feel I got everything I need.

If you’re thinking about creating your online route, you have to decide your options. Do you go with a ended mixture like Teachable or Thinkific, or do you go for LearnDash and initiate your course yourself with WordPress?

There are pros and cons of the utilization of either alternative and if you need help deciding which one would be best for your needs, tune into this podcast episode. I also mention some other alternative solutions to LearnDash you might want to consider.

I personally give LearnDash a well deserved 4.6 out of 5!

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