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Do you need a website builder that lets you build beautiful websites without needing to learn all the technical stuff? Squarespace is an intuitive locate make that allows you to create beautiful websites easily and rapidly. The huge drag-and-drop website builder was started in 2004 by a University of Maryland college student and has recently prospered into an amazingly modernized website developer that has been used to create millions of websites.

Squarespace Compared to The Best Website Builders

Squarespace stands out for one main reason: it is amazingly easy to create beautiful websites for even the most clueless novice. Though it didn’t realise our schedule of best site makes, Squarespace is still worth reviewing as one of the top website developers on the market today.

In our review of the best site builders, we painstakingly went through each website builder to judge the four top options for different needs and use events. I’ve been building places for years at this detail, so you can bet I know a thing or two about what makes a great website builder. Once you read it, you can spawn the most informed choice. See all of our top picks for the best website makes. Let’s dive in.

Who is Squarespace Best For?

Without a fear, Squarespace is the best website developer for designers, creators, and ecommerce places that want to create appealing locates with incredible visuals with minimal fuss. This stirs it an excellent alternative for small business owners that crave a leg up visually but might not have the budgetary resources or know-how for it all.

Since Squarespace is a hosted solution, you don’t have to get into any additional steps to find a server or lay application. You can create a beautifully designed site right on your browser, all in one place.

Bottom line? Squarespace is great for creative parties that like to work with templates and a style journalist that lets you personalize even the smallest site items. Still, there are major pros and cons to to be taken into consideration.

Squarespace: The Pros and Cons


Responsive site templates: Squarespace offers more than 100 locate templates to choose from. Best of all, they’re once built to be mobile responsive. A perk you are able to not ever get with templates from other website builders.

Unlimited storage space: Squarespace offers unlimited storage on every program. This is stellar news for imaginative locates that’ll naturally build an substantial media library over day. With Squarespace, you won’t have to worry about affecting a storage or bandwidth limit.

Supportive live chit-chat: Stuck? No need to worry. With its live converse boast, there is always an worker there ready to help you solve any site building problem you might run into.

Webinars and guided by: As with most website developers, Squarespace does have a bit of a discover curve as far as the backend is concerned. But to remedy this, it have already established an lengthy library of detailed help guides and webinars that’ll get you to Squarespace expert level in no time.

Built-in email marketing: One of my favorite Squarespace boasts is their built-in email marketing tool. To frame it simply, it’s an add-on that sanctions you to build eye-catching emails with beautiful templates without having to go through a third party. I don’t know about you, but the less software I have to deal with to get the job done, the happier I am. And you get plenty of integrated analytics to boot.

Tools constructed solely for ecommerce websites: Squarespace doesn’t stutter when it comes to who they cater to. As soon as you understanding of them, it’s clear they care about visuals, but they likewise care about furnishing you with the best ecommerce implements to create a dynamic online accumulation. This helps narrow down your entanglement developer options if you’re solely looking to create a great ecommerce site.


Limited control over your domain name: If you buy your domain name through Squarespace, you won’t be able to migrate it to another hosting provider if you ever decide to do so. This can be a determining factor in whether you want to call Squarespace your site’s home and acquisition your domain name in-house.

Limited SEO facets: Lots of digital professionals question the SEO capabilities of Squarespace. While there are plenty of success storeys of websites ranking on Google, optimizing your positions and sheets on Squarespace isn’t as intuitive as with other website developers like WordPress or Drupal. If SEO is the primary way you’ll drive traffic to your site, this is a point worth considering.

Squarespace Pricing

Now, which is what do you need to pay to start using Squarespace and all its beautiful templates? Well, you can pick from a few excellent alternatives.

Personal- $12 per month legislation annuallyBusiness- $18 per month billed annuallyBasic Commerce- $26 per month statement annuallyAdvanced Commerce- $40 per month money annually

Let’s start with stating the obvious: Squarespace isn’t the cheapest web make and legion out there. But if you’re mainly looking to easily build jaw-dropping websites that catch your target audience’s attention, the price tag for even a personal plan might not be an issue for you.


Once you decide to go with the Personal tier, you’ll get access to basic website peculiarities like a free usage realm, SSL certification, unlimited bandwidth and storage, added SEO facets, access to Squarespace extensions, and 24/7 customer support.

All for $12 per month. While you can get all this and sometimes more with other network builders for less, it’s still worth looking into each of their tiers for a Squarespace plan that are appropriate your needs.


Squarespace’s business tier is great if you’re trying to find a tolerable rate extent for an online store with entry-level tools. With its Business tier, you get everything in the Personal tier plus a suite of fully integrated ecommerce implements that’ll equip you to sell and road stock-take, admitted payments, and more.

You’ll also be able to sell an unlimited number of commodities, accept gifts, and give your clients the ability to create and send gift cards. Bottom line? The Business Squarespace tool is what you should start with for a apprentice to intermediate ecommerce business.

Basic Commerce

Think of Squarespace’s Basic Commerce tier like the Business tier’s older brother. While you’ll get all the business tier abilities, you get a few more powerful perks if you go the $26 a month route.

With Basic Commerce, your online accumulate will be ready to quickly list and label your produces on both Facebook and Instagram, have access to advanced ecommerce analytics, and even develop client accounts. While other entanglement developers is available with a similar mixture of services that are, Squarespace categorizes them so that they are able to uniquely cater to online selling.

Advanced Commerce

Possibly the most significant appeal of the Advanced Commerce tier for Squarespace, at $40 a few months, is that there are no transaction fees.

What does this mean for your ecommerce business? A built-in payment gateway ready to process fees with perfectly none of the costs that can quickly cut into your advantage margin.

While you get everything in all the previous ranks, you also get advanced implements to handle shipping, advanced deductions, as well as an vacated go-cart recovery policy that they are able put more money in your pocket. It’s clear Squarespace has thought of everything when it comes to successfully building an ecommerce business with special attention to both the frontend and backend of things. For this, I’d say they deserve plenty of brownie points.

But don’t make my text for it. I recommend you carefully read through each of their pricing degrees to see which one petitions to you “the worlds largest”. Once you lock into a website builder, it can take a lot of extra slog and hassle to switch to a brand-new one.

Now, let’s see how Squarespace’s main provides heap up and what you can learn about each of them as far as building your best website croaks.

Squarespace Offerings

There are tons of boasts Squarespace offers to create and optimize your area. Overall, their gives separate into three definite more supportive categories where they converge their web developer implements. Taking a closer look at each one can help you establish the best web builder decisions.

Website Builder and Hosting

Squarespace likes to call itself the leader in network layout. And this claim isn’t originated in vain. The drag-and-drop web builder and site templates help you organize portfolios and professional websites that stand the test of age. To complement their roster of network make implements, they also furnish site analytics as a delightful plus.

While I wouldn’t bawl Squarespace the ultimate best material handling network make, it certainly does its due diligence in the specific characteristics and visual department. It also hones in on the flexibility you’ll need to create a portfolio that’s up to par with your designing needs.


Squarespace does its gala have participated in the ecommerce department, too, constructing them a strong contender to house your online accumulation. Their furnishes empower you to sell anything, whether it’s products, business, or by booking appointments of any kind.

If you’re a label that cares about first impressions to drive marketings, Squarespace takes care of you not only with batch of storage templates but also a robust backend that can streamline your work order management. This sets it apart as a entanglement make tool for selling online since some others simply don’t lead the additional mile in this department.

Squarespace runs as far as enabling you to create a membership site, which speaks volumes as far as innovation and keeping pace with vogues start. Not every network make out there goes specific with the tools they equip. This is yet another feature that differentiates Squarespace from the remainder.

Brand Building Tools

If there’s one thing Squarespace focuses on as a network make implement, it’s branding. We’ve previously discussed Squarespace as a heavily visual make. But this doesn’t mean they lack tools in the firebrand strategy department.

Squarespace lets you create dynamic email campaigns that are just as artistic and visually strong as your website. This means you can easily click and drag the products on your locate that you want to showcase or let your audience know about a storewide marketing.

Along with email, Unfold is Squarespace’s unique “storyteller tool.” With it, you can create awe-inspiring social material that’s readily shareable for added firebrand revelation. Filters, sticker parcels, and easy portrait editing let you tell your story as a unique brand.

Squarespace is a groundbreaker in the web builder space when it comes to catering to a visual parish. They do this by amalgamating both potent website build tools that get results and the beauty of design.

As a website builder that double-dealings as a emcee, you won’t envision many other Squarespace-like makes that are truly comparable. At the same time, lots of Squarespace peculiarities make it more of a niche website builder. It caters to its intended audience powerfully well.

The Best Website Builders

To make your best choice in website developers, don’t forget to read my in-depth review of four other top website makes you should consider. Here’s a speedy synopsi for your accessibility 😛 TAGEND

Wix — Best for general useWeebly — Best for beginnersShopify — Best for ecommerceWordPress — Best for content handling

Squarespace is a reliable entanglement make for artistics, artists, and ecommerce storages that obstruct visuals at the forefront of their business strategy. While its website programmes tend to be a bit pricier, Squarespace more than moves up for it by allowing you to build and host your site all in one place and furnishing you with a long list of site templates you can customize to your heart’s content.

Now it’s your turn. What has your experience with Squarespace been? I’d love to hear about it below.

Get started with Squarespace today and start house your website.

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