My Life Story – A Diary for Your Whole Life A 100 year diary for you to record the events of a lifetime. To help you remember the special moments you never want to forget – the people you’ve loved; the friends you’ve made; the places you’ve visited; the places that have become home. Record your achievements…make a note of favourite films/books/music/people…write down your ambitions…make a Things To Do Before I Die list. Includes a map of the world and one of your body to be filled in as you choose. Every year you can write about what’s important in your life and add photos and memorabilia. If you’re too young to fill it in right now someone else can start a record for you; things like your first steps first words first day at school…This is the story of your life. Treasure it always. Features: 1080 pages about me …all about yourself world map …hart your travels education…schools and qualifications awards and achievements …prizes medals trophies useful and useless skills…things you can do jobs …where you’ve worked and what you did things to do before you die …your own life ambitions homes …and the people you made them with and more…

Product Features

  • A 100 year diary for recording the events of a lifetime
  • Lined and blank pages with spaces to draw or stick photos
  • Each year is split into the four seasons, finishing with highlights
  • Fill it with your own memories or map your children’s early years
  • Measures 16cm x 22cm x 6.8cm with over 1000 pages

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