Brought to you by those funky creatives over at Suck UK, My Life Story is basically a bumper 100 year diary in which to record the events of a lifetime; a kind of journal, photo album, autobiography and travelogue all rolled into one. A perfect pressie for newborn babies, parents can cram this luxe tome with various stories, photos and achievements, from a description of baby’s first tentative steps and gurglings to an account of their first few days at nursery. As baby grows up, he/she can start filling in the pages with?well, with anything they fancy: skills acquired, best friends made and binned, great days, crummy days, favourite movies, first kiss, worst kiss, life-changing gigs, silly pics, locks of hair, restaurant flyers, ambitions, things to do, aimless scribblings – the possibilities are endless. Besides, it’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years. My Life Story also features a map of the world, so owners can tick off countries visited, favourite cities, oceans swum and wannago destinations. After all, life is a journey, blah, blah, blah. As well as a geographical map there’s also a chart of the body. Use it to log the location of scars, ever-increasing waistlines, favourite bits of the bod – whatever. You can even doodle on a comedy moustache. And that’s the beauty of My Life Story – owners can bung whatever they want in it. Destined to become a prized possession for life.

Product Features

  • A 100 year diary for recording the events of a lifetime
  • Lined and blank pages with spaces to draw or stick photos
  • Each year is split into the four seasons, finishing with highlights
  • Fill it with your own memories or map your children’s early years
  • Measures 16cm x 22cm x 6.8cm with over 1000 pages

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