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In 2017, Facebook propelled its answer to the burgeoning stream video marketplace: Facebook Watch. Through Watch, useds could consider both scripted and live video from professional systems, brands, influencers, and everyday people.

Facebook liberated Watch to a limited group of users, and for that first year, it flew pretty much under the radar. In 2018, they propelled it globally, and the service took off like a rocket.

By 2019, Watch had 270 million monthly consumers, and by 2020, that numeral had shot up to over 1.25 billion, according to Facebook.

I flooded Facebook Watch in a previous post when it first launched. Since then, they have expanded their content offerings( even get into the music space !) and added a ton of facets for labels and marketers.

In this affix, I’ll dive penetrating into how to use Facebook Watch for commerce , now that the scaffold has matured.

Content on Facebook Watch

Facebook is still experimenting with different content types by contributing, subtracting, and nipping to find the right balance for their programme. In 2019, Facebook’s head of world imaginative policy Rick Van Veen told Variety,

We’re still figuring it out and memorize. When “youre starting” a new pulpit, you’re going to have to throw a cluster of material at the wall and ensure what works and what doesn’t.

Scripted Content

Facebook Watch Original Series

Facebook’s written content can be found under the Show tab. This section is where they’ve entered the ring with the likes of Netflix, Apple +, and Hulu. Here, users can find everything from slapsticks to critically acclaimed dramas to reality and talk shows.

“Red Table Talk, ” for example, is a popular show starring Jada Pinkett Smith, where she wreaks on clients to discuss sensitive topics such as divorce and gender identity. Meanwhile, Mike Rowe of “Dirty Jobs” notoriety superstars in “Return the Favor, ” which acquired a Daytime Emmy.

Facebook Watch Red Table Talks

However, they’ve recently scaled back on their scripted content, canceling some of their popular demoes in favor of live and sourced content from symbols and users.

Live Content

Facebook Watch Live Video Content

Facebook Live predates Watch by a year. When Watch propelled, nonetheless, Live was bundled in with the rest of the video content.

Types of videos on Live range from U.S. Senate committee hearings to live author speaks and skiers showing off their tricks.

Small jobs have been previously scurried to Live, originating happenings and categories to increase revenue.

Music Videos

Facebook Watch Music videos

In August 2020, Facebook propelled its new music disclosure scaffold, Facebook Music. Here, users can explore videos by category, trending topics, artist, and even mood. Currently, the app is only available in the U.S ., India, and Thailand, but it’s once garnered a lot of attention.

For instance, Katy Perry debuted her music video “Smile, ” the designation way of her fifth recording, on Facebook Watch.

How Facebook Watch Works

When you create a video on Facebook Watch, whether it’s a live occurrence or a scripted demonstrate, you upload it to Facebook using their Creator Studio.

The Creator Studio is the hub for all of your business content for Facebook. From now, you can bulk upload videos, crosspost to different sheets, planned berths, consolidate engagement, and monetize. You can also use their in-depth analytics implements to monitor your content.

Facebook Watch Creator Studio Dashboard

On the videos you upload, Facebook neighbourhoods mid-roll ads. Forty-five percent of the revenue from those ads goes to Facebook, while the remaining 55 percent goes to you.

Helpful Hint: Facebook prioritizes longer videos( 3+ minutes) and content that engages the gathering and inspires speech. They’re looking for content architects who respond to user comments and pin the best mentions to the top of the feed.

How Your Business Can Benefit from Using Advanced Facebook Watch Features

In France, according to Facebook, national broadcaster M6 began organizing videos for Watch. Their one-minute video viewpoints more than double-faced in nine months and they acquired 6 million brand-new follows organically.

Here in the U.S ., says Facebook, Buzzfeed has increased their receipt in the process of creating videos over three minutes across their Tasty, Goodful, Nifty, BringMe, Cocoa Butter, and Pero Like pages.

“We moved quickly and increased our payout from total in-stream ads by 20% in comparison with the previous half, ” Maycie Timpone, Executive Director, Video& Publishing at BuzzFeed, told Facebook.

Facebook Watch becomes a powerful implement in marketers’ pockets. Let’s take a look at a few spaces Watch helps you increase revenue and attract brand-new followers.

Hyper-Personalized Content

Facebook is all about personalized material, and Facebook Watch makes you upload videos right to your target audience. Your videos will likewise appear in specific categories, such as “Shows Friends Are Following.”

Facebook will likewise categorize your videos by category, topic, and even mood.

Recently, Facebook established Topics to mobile consumers. Topics allows users to further customize their video feed by choosing lists that interest them.

Facebook Watch Topics

Show Pages

Proper Tasty on Facebook Watch

Show sheets allow users to interact with show architects and love. They can leave explains, ask questions, or even are also involved in interactive video content. Precisely like any other Facebook page, they can like, follow, and share sheets with friends.

Real-Time Engagement

This feature is particularly helpful with live video. Viewers can respond to, share, and comment on a video in real-time.

Real-time engagement is a great opportunity to get initial feedback on your video and engage with your audience by asking and answering questions and becoming part of the conversation.

Facebook Watch Party

Facebook’s number one goal is to bring beings together. It’s why they lent groups a few years back, to allow people with similar interests to find each other.

With Facebook Watch Parties, observers can bring a group of friends together to watch videos and chat about them in real-time.

Video founders can conclude content tailor-make to watch parties to boost engagement.


Playlists grant video pioneers to group videos and pole them to their sheets. Videos play consecutively to boost views.

Marketers can use playlists for video streak or to group videos by topic.

Optimizing Your Facebook Watch Videos

You may be creating killer content for YouTube already, but optimizing Facebook Watch videos is a little different. Now are some gratuities for going the most out of your Facebook video material 😛 TAGEND

First, Make Sure It’s Original

Pulling content over from YouTube or even your website won’t work for numerous rationales. First, the appearance ratio may be wrong( more on that next ). Second, original content exclusive to Facebook will save beings coming back here, to enable you to are benefiting from Facebook’s monetization tools.

Pay Attention to Aspect Ratio

Facebook generates video builders specific aspect ratios for all pages on both Facebook and Instagram.

You’ll want to follow those guidelines, but in general, make sure your video is shot for portable. The vast majority of Facebook customers access it via portable, and more than half of ad income comes from mobile-first video ads.

Add Captions

Eighty-five percent of videos on Facebook are watched without resound. So, supplementing captions to all of your video material will naturally improve engagement.

Include a CTA

When you upload a video, Facebook allows you to add a CTA at the end. Whether it’s an invitation to watch more videos, check out a make, or simply like your page, lending a CTA can increase engagement and even boost conversions.

Beyond the Basics: Advanced Uses and Features of Facebook Watch

Recently, Facebook has added a knot of cool new features that marketers can take advantage of. Let’s take a look at them.


ThruPlay is a default setting and one you should keep on. With ThruPlay, if your video is shorter than 15 seconds, it will announce it to users who are more likely to watch the whole thing. If it’s longer than that, it will hand it to users who generally watch videos longer than 15 seconds all the way through.

Paid Online Events

Paid online contests are a function of live video and have become an essential tool for businesses. Brand is generated by, multitude, and promote an event all in one plaza. They are also welcome to placed world prices and rally fee easily.

Helpful Hint: Facebook commonly musters a fee for a paid online event. At least until August 2021, however, they have waived their fees.

Fan Subscriptions

Creating the ability for followers to subscribe to your video page raises action. It also allows you to foster customer loyalty through exclusive offers and content for subscribers.

According to Facebook, it also allows you to predict revenue monthly.


Another feature is Stars, a tool that allows supporters to support your work. Users can purchase whizs forwarded to you. For every adept a fan sending out you, Facebook gives you 1 cent.

( Think “Ralph Breaks the Internet” and the hearts he had to earn on his videos .)

The more you engage with useds, the more likely they are to send you stars.

Facebook is still rolling out this program to a limited number of users, but you are eligible to sign up to show your interest.

A/ B Testing Tools

On the back end, Organic Video Post Testing countenances video builders to exam between two and four variants of a video at a time. Videos are distributed to your target audience, but they’re not posted to your page. The video with the most engagement after a period of time is then affixed to your page automatically.

In-Stream Ads

According to Variety, Facebook takes in 22 percentage of U.S. digital ad expend. Before Watch, ads that arise in newsfeeds and the freedom rail kind of got lost in the mingle, right?

However, as pointed out previously, ads that would usually get lost in Facebook feeds get a lot more attention when they appear in the middle of a video.

Mining Audience Data from Your Facebook Watch Viewers

When it comes to analytics, Facebook Creator Studio is a veritable treasure trove. Here are some of the jug stats you can mine from your dashboard 😛 TAGEND


There are so many different ways you can parse these metrics. For sample, if you want to see the number of minutes contemplated, you don’t have to settle for a lump sum. You can break it down by hours ended on your page, in shared berths, and crossposts.

You can also see how many views were over three seconds long or how many people ended the whole video, depending on what comes first.

You can also filter by auto-played vs. click-played and paid vs. organic.

All of the views are measured over a 28 -day period.

Audience Engagement and Retention

To get a quick overview of your affixes, you can look at the number of reactions, mentions, and shares for videos with at least 100 views.

Facebook Watch Post Engagement

You can also drive channel beyond that. You can see audience demographics, and you can filter by fans and non-fans to know who you’re truly reaching.

If a video is performing well, you can choose to boost it right from your dashboard.

To dig even deeper into each video, Facebook shows your viewer retention through the entire section of the video. Line graphs like this one show you exactly where spectators dropped off in your video so you can make adjustments.

Facebook Watch Video Retention

What’s really neat: when you waver over the line graph, all points of the line spectacles your video’s corresponding frame.

Finally, you can measure each pole against other berths to assess which types of videos and content are working well( or not) for you.

Negative Feedback

Just as important as the positive metrics are the negative ones. Facebook can show you negative observes, as well as how many times parties concealed your video from their feed or reported it as inappropriate.


Finally, Facebook can differentiate between clinks to play your video, sounds on relations incorporated within your video description, and clicks on your CTA.

Increasing User Engagement Via Facebook Watch( and Why This Matters !)

We’ve talked about all the bars you can pull with Facebook Watch, but how do you use them to increase user engagement? Here’s how to use all their cool boasts to do just that 😛 TAGEND

Take Advantage of Real-Time Commenting

Comments devote context to all those reactions and shares, but you probably knew that. Of route, you can use them to improve your content by creating more of what gets positive comments and less of what doesn’t.

More importantly, “youre supposed” responding to comments , is not merely on your videos but including information on your sheets. Show your followers that you’re paying attention, and they will be engaged followers.

Spark Conversations

Instead of simply is responding to exchanges previously happening, create and direct the debate yourself. Invite supporters to comment on specific elements of your videos, share their tips, or ask questions.

If you’re a part of the Star program, this is a great way to encourage people to send some your way.

Use the Subscription Function

Subscriptions are a great way to create that velvet rope aftermath. Create an exclusive infinite for supporters to get updates on content before anyone else. Offer content and giveaways for subscribers.

Make them feel special, and they’ll keep coming back for more.

Put That Mined Data to Good Use

As you’ve seen, Facebook gives you a prosperity of analytics about your videos, right down to the minute onlookers stopped watching your videos.

Use that information to compare and tweak content, experiment with longer or shorter videos, or insert and keep track of new content.

Don’t Neglect the A/ B Testing Functionality

While it is time-consuming to create more than one video, A/ B testing multiple versions of videos will merely increase your booking, and you can’t deny how easy Facebook draws it.

Since they don’t post anything to your sheet until the end of the testing period( which they do automatically ), “youve been” have nothing to lose.


Facebook Watch has had explosive raise and allured “members attention” of symbols, fames, small businesses, and influencers. The sheer number of observers and the amount of ad revenue on the table becomes appointing original material for Facebook a no-brainer.

The real ploy is drawing the title bars to create engaging videos that get reactions, shares, and remarks. If you can get subscriptions, even better.

Dive into your Creative Studio to look at all the advanced implements Facebook offers.

How will you use Facebook Watch to build your gathering and boost your income?

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