The Bloggers Roadmap

The Bloggers Roadmap
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Most ‘so called bloggers’ simply put up a new blog, add some ads or some Google AdSense, some hacked PLR content and expect their blog to make it to the big time. Is it really this easy? No it isn’t, it’s damn hard unless you now what you are doing.

You may be thinking about that marketing course you joined and the so called guru guys have showed you how to build a blog so it’s all good right? Wrong! They may have showed you how to get a blog online, but did they show you how to create content? Did they show you how to create an audience, get traffic and build engagement? Be honest to yourself.. Did they?

The truth is most people start a blog and don’t know where to go from day 1. They see the next big thing and are sold promises of mega riches in ‘X’ amount of days or something crazy like that. What really happens is, they see no comments, no traffic and no revenue, literally nothing at all. So just like that they quit with ill feeling that none of their invested time or money worked.

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