Link building sucks.

It’s time consuming and hard.

But as an SEO, you have no choice but to build tie-ups … accepting you want to rank on Google.

So, today I am announcing a brand-new Ubersuggest facet, that moves relate structure faster and easier.

Here’s how…

What is the easiest way to get relates?

What if you could only focus your link building endeavours on areas that are highly likely to link to you?

Sounds great right…

Well, you can.

Just think of it this practice … what are the locates that are most likely to link back to you?

It’s actually the ones that link to your competitors.

For example, in case there is 300 websites that linked to 4 of your opponents, but they don’t link to you hitherto, contacting out to those 300 locates should create a large chunk of brand-new backlinks for you. Because if they are willing to link to your rivalry, they usually won’t mind relate to you as well.

On the flip side if there are sites that don’t link to you or any of your contestants, if you smack them up, the opportunities are, they will ignore you and not link to you.

So how do find these easy association opportunities?

Introducing Backlink Opportunities by Ubersuggest

I want you to first go here. Then type in your URL and click on “search”.

In the left-hand sailing click on “Backlink Opportunity”.

In this report make sure you put your URL at the top and enter in a few of your favourite entrants. As you can see, I put in Moz and Search Engine Journal.

Make sure you click the “+ ” button when lending each of your entrants and then stumbled “search”.

Within seconds you’ll watch a report of who links to your adversaries, but not you.

You’ll then want to drill down on each region to see the exact URL that links to your competitors.

Some of the links may not be a good fit, such as the Google Maps page relate to Moz … unless you have a physical office location.

But others, such as the W3. org website, could be a great opportunity.

Wait, it gets better

The example above shows you all of the people that link to your challengers but not you.

But it is on a realm level.

With link building, it’s easier to get joins when you have a same blog affix to your competition.

For example, let’s say I Google the period “SEO”. Here’s what I appreciate on Google.

Both Moz and Search Engine Land rank above me.

I can take the exact URLs that rank above me and applied them into the Backlink Opportunity report.

When adding competing URLs to the Backlink Opportunity report, you’ll want to select “URL” instead of “Domain” so you can see who associates that specific URL.

This is important because Moz and Search Engine Land may have articles around topics that I don’t cover. But their articles on SEO that grade above me are about SEO fundamentals. And the essay I have that ranks below them is on SEO basics.

For that reason, it is highly relevant to see who links to the pages that rank above me because there is a good shot, I can persuasion one of those areas to link to me.

Sending out the email

Once you have a list of places you want to outreach to, you are probably wondering … “how do I figure out who to email”, right?

Using you can get the email address for any place for free.

Once you have a person’s email, send them a patronage email.

For example, for the people who link to Moz’s SEO beginner guide and Search Engine Land’s beginner’s article, I may communicate something like this…

Hey John,

You already know SEO is changing fast, hence you wrote an essay on up-and-coming SEO trends.

But one thing I noticed is you didn’t talk much about AI and how it is going to impact SEO.

And the articles you linked to on Moz and Search Engine Land don’t cover that either. Yet at meets, it’s one of the buzzing topics that everyone is puzzled about.

I actually have a few examples of the use of AI in SEO here[ place link ].

If you think it’s valuable feel free and add it to your locate.

Thought it would help your readers.


Neil Patel

PS: By the direction, I time shared one of your commodities on Twitter … you can check it out here.

My outreach emails are very custom. Using generic outreach emails don’t work too well with join building.

When I send out 100 emails based on opportunities from the Backlink Opportunity report, I aim for at least 15% of the websites to link back to me.

Keep in thinker I am solely working the report to see who links to similar rivalling clauses that grade higher than me on Google. It’s very specific, but that is why it works.


If you haven’t, go here and throw in your URL. Try out the Backlink Opportunity report and tell me what you think.

Start off by visit who link to your challenger and hit up those websites one by one to see if they are willing to link to you.

It exertions … really reach out to 10 sites and epoch and make love for a month. You “il be seeing” results.

So, what do you think about this new report?

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