This article contains spoilers for the Game of Thrones series finale.

Game of Thrones eighth and final season may not be everyones favorite, but if theres one thing fans enjoyed the most, its the wealth of memes it produced: from the creepy stare of Bran The Brokenwho now sits on the non-Iron Throne of the Six Kingdoms, by the wayto a horny Tormund, the “safety” provided by the Winterfell crypts, and Daenerys ignoring the bells in the penultimate episode.

So if anything else was expected of the final episode Sunday nightbesides Dany getting killedit was another round of great memes. At least in that regard, the finale did not disappoint. Game of Thrones left us with one scene that was made to be memed: Ser Brienne of Tarth, now Lord Commander of Brans Kingsguard, writing Jaime Lannisters entry in the Book of Brothers.

This is actually a callback to an unforgettable moment between the two in a season 4 episode, in which Jaime tells Brienne that its the duty of the Lord Commander to record the deeds of everyone who served in the Kingsguard in the Book of Brothers, also known as the White Book.

Thus, Brienne did her duty, even managing to put a positive spin on Jaimes decision to leave her to go back to Cersei, writing in conclusion to Jaimes entry, Died protecting his Queen.

Instead of celebrating how Brienne ended the series as the highest ranking officer of the Knights of the Kingsguard, viewers couldnt handle her writing about Jaimes heroic deeds, especially that last line. They reacted with memes, of course.

Some fans were emotional about Brienne remembering only Jaimes good deeds.

Some think its the same energy as an ex-girlfriend only having good things to say:

Overall, people were disappointed that Brienne took the high road after what Jaime did to her.

Twitter had a lot of suggestions for what Brienne should have written instead.

For starters, why couldnt she have mentioned that Jaime was actually the one who knighted her?

Some kept it short and sweet:

While others think Brienne should have deemed Jaime a “fuccboi”:

Some think Brienne was writing in the Mean Girls Burn Book:

Maybe Brienne should have written that Jaime had a good bepis, which @vqnerdballs thinks is how he’d want to be remembered.

Fans also had theories about what Brienne was really writing or wanted to write, like “Brienne was so good in bed that he went crazy and went to die with his sister. Yeah, that’s what happened, @_Zeets tweeted.

Or maybe shes doodling Ser Jaimes namewith a heart on the i.

Some think she was really saying nasty things about Cersei (in a deleted scene):

Basically anything else but what she wrote:

Brienne writing about her ex-lovers good deeds has also become a mood. As @nadiamy tweeted, Brienne is all of us single ladies who are making it fine in our career but got screwed in our relationship #wegotthepen.

I guess it makes sense that, after choosing Bran The Broken to be the new king just for knowing all the stories, the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard would now be into blogging or scrapbooking.

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