* Due to the intense nature of this Haunted House, see discretion is advised .*

Therefore welcomed Hill House. Full of decomposing remains, this aging mansion lives at Universal Orlando’s Halloween Horror Nights 30 — even if all of its inhabitants are long dead. In this Haunted House inspired by Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House, ” each unsettling chamber and shaded hallway makes you deeper into your greatest nervousness. Encounter infamous souls, including the Tall Man, the Bent-Neck Lady, the Ghost in the Basement and more. Step foot in the dreaded Red Room where exclusively the bang of your own screams waiting for you. Walk in the strides of the Crain family as you either flee the estate’s eternal stranglehold or succumb to the house’s potent pressures, leaving you to wander the endless foyers forever … alone.

Brave enough to want more?~ Hop~ over to our full Halloween Horror Nights post for more on this year’s epically eerie happen:

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Video Chapters
0:00 – Halloween Horror Nights Orlando
0:12 – The Haunting of Hill House Walkthrough


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