Start your journey from bottom to the top with a blogger who achieved success by starting blogging 6 years ago and made 4000$/month with his book “Top Blogging Secrets” as we teach you how to use advance internet tools for your blog marketing and make sure that your content gets the marketing edge to compete it’s competitors and how to ensure search engine optimization for your blog.
This book is ideal for both beginners and pro bloggers who are willing to start on
WordPress, Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon (Sellers).
This book describes algorithms which only top players of digital marketing knows.This book describes every concept from Algorithms to tools and components which will be used with your blog to achieve maximum audience.

1. Data regarding What time, Which day of the week and Where the content should be posted to sure maximum audience.
2. Analysis of different possible situations and how to handle them.
3. Detailed information about advance tools which are used by top marketers to gain success.
4. Secret Algorithms as how these platforms work.
5. All the components are explained with examples and pictures to make sure that you remember every term.
6. Everything which is written in this book is self tested for best results

This book ends with a chapter where you can get the guide to get free assistance from the author and answer to your questions regarding blogging.

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