Being a content creator is awesome! I candidly get a buzz creating material that I affection and material that I know others will enjoy and is conducive to. If you’re just starting out on your journey as a content creator yourself, whether it’s through blogging, vlogging, podcasting, writing eBooks, you’re going to desire this eventual aid pole that I’ve put together for you!

My journey as a content creator started back in 2010 as a blogger. I’ve since dared into podcasting as well as vlogging! This is one job that I really experience doing, and I hope to be doing it for many years to come.

So, I got the idea to create this affix after having an delightful dinner gossip with my eight-year-old daughter Lily.

Lily asked me;

“Daddy, if I wanted to become a blogger or generate YouTube videos like you when I’m a little bit older, where would I find all of the things I need to learn and get started? “

Lily Van Marciano – Future Content Creator?

My reply was 😛 TAGEND

“You can only do a investigation on Google and find everything it is necessary to? “

But then that got me thinking some more –

Because that’s perfectly fine if you know what you’re looking for. But when you’re just starting out, you haven’t got a clue about what you actually need, right?

It’s quite a time-consuming process to scour the web looking for the best stuff that you need to use to be a successful content creator, so why not create a super list post with everything in one place? So, now we are.

I’ve broken this post up into three main parts: Blogging, podcasting, and vlogging.

I’ve tried to make this resource post as exhaustive as possible, but I know it’s not the most complete. In the future, I will be refurbishing this affix with more resources as and when I detect and use them myself.

If you’re brand new to my blog, my strategy has always been to only recommend appropriate tools, apps, works that I’ve actually use and never the things I’ve not use. Because I trust the things that I’ve expended. I’ve had know-how with them, and if those knows were good, that’s when I decide to share them with you. Again, I never recommend anything that I think is shady or that I don’t 100% rely. Never, ever.

OK, so here’s what we’re going to cover, so feel free to click on the link that applies to your content creation needs –

Ultimate content creation resource list for bloggersUltimate content creation resource list for podcastersUltimate resource list for video content creators( vloggers )

Let’s do this!

Ultimate Content Creation Resource List For Bloggers!

Before we is starting, here an interesting statisitc –

20 billion WordPress sheets are viewed by 409 million people each month … Source

When it comes to blogging growth and productivity tools, I’ve once procreated a detailed list of the things I’ve worked over the last decade to grow my blog, which you can find here.

In the roster below, nonetheless, I’ve included some additional tools that I have started exploring. These include plugins, web apps, software, equipment, and more.

1. Web hosting

Reliable web hosting is the basic building block of a great blog or website! Cheap hosting will save you money, but it won’t save your normality if anything goes wrong. Now are three immense hosting providers to consider for your blog. These three hosting firms have been around for many years, and over the last decade, have plied me with huge service.

Siteground – Siteground is one of the most reliable and secure hosting providers in the business. Magnet4Blogging has been proudly hosted on Siteground since 2015. The company offers managed WordPress hosting as well as cloud hosting for large websites and blogs.

SiteGround is not the cheapest around; rates start from around$ 7 per month. My monthly network hosting statute is $100 per month, that’s because I have several high-traffic blogs, as well as niche locates and an eCommerce business hosted on the SiteGround Cloud Platform.

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Bluehost – Bluehost is one of the longest built network hosting providers in the business. They are most bloggers’ top selection when it comes to economical web hosting. I started my blogging journey with Bluehost back in 2010 before migrating to Siteground.

Bluehost offerings dedicated WordPress hosting, as well as cloud hosting. Their WordPress hosting offers everything you need to grow your blog. They include a free domain name for the first time and a step-by-step setup for WordPress blogs for brand-new accounts.

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Kinsta – Kinsta is professional premium WordPress hosting at its best. Built on the Google Cloud Platform, Kinsta can provide amply coped, procure, and high-performance hosting for your blog programme, big or small. Their projects also include a legion of site conduct pieces such as analytics, bandwidth tracking, WordPress plugin management, and migrations.

Content Creation Tools For Bloggers

Kinsta is not the cheapest around, tolls commencing from $ 30 per month for only one WordPress blog.

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2. WordPress Themes, Plugins, Web Apps

WordPress themes and plugins are great for branding, adding features and functionality to your blog. The WordPress repository consists of over 50 K plugins, but you earnestly don’t need to install all of them

The same leaves for themes; Just in case you’re brand new to this – themes are like barks that you install into your WordPress site to give it a unique appearance.

There are literally millions of themes and templates make their own choices. Sometimes, nonetheless, encounter the right topic can be a headache. This is where theme developers are popular. Theme builder plugins enabling you to visually cause the blog you foresee from complete scratch consuming simple sound, lag, and lower editing. True WYSIWYG

OK, so in the table below is a list of the best theme developers, plugins, as well as entanglement apps I recommend applying to create and grow your blog.


What is it?

Download Link

Thrive Suite

Blog Growth Tools


Social Snap

Social Sharing Plugin



Contact Form Plugin


Rank Math

SEO Plugin


Monster Insights

Google Analytics


One Signal

Push Notifications App



Email Marketing App



Search Engine Marketing


Long Tail Pro

Keyword Research App


3. Blog promotion and rise

No resource post is complete without a directory of the top tools for managing and ripening your blog like a pro. Below are a few of appropriate tools I use in my blogging business. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list, check out this mega-thread post I composed here.

SEMrush – The top tool of select for search engine marketing, keyword investigate, traffic contemporary for bloggers and purveyors. It’s on the expensive line-up, attention you. However, what I’ve done in the past is signup for merely a few months. I reserve the time to use the tools to focus on improving my blog material and traffic. A few months is all you need to kick start your blog swelling. When you signup, you’re not tied into any yearly contract with SEMrush.

semrush home

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Monitor Backlink – Building natural backlinks to your blog takes time. However, you likewise need to monitor your backlinks from time to time to ensure you’re attracting good relation. MonitorBacklinks helps you analyze your blog’s backlink profile, and if you need a clean-up, you can easily do it all expend the built-in features.

monback good bad

CoSchedule – Marketing without CoSchedule for me would be a ended nightmare. I don’t have time to bounce from one programme to the next, scheduling my social media meanings, email newsletters, blog uprights, etc. I do all of this in one place; that place is CoSchedule.

I’ve abused CoSchedule for my blog for almost two years now, and in my opinion , no blogger should be without this app. Yes, it’s on the expensive back, but it’s a lot more inexpensive than it was several years gone. When I signed up to CoSchedule in 2018, its monthly subscription cost was almost $ 50 per month. Their marketing calendar now starts from $29 per month( Paid Annually ).

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Here’s a snapshot of my marketing and content calendar for Magnet4Blogging exercising CoShedule.

coschedule analytics 3

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Right then, to finish off our eventual listing of content creation tools for bloggers, here is a final listing of actual tools for creating content! – Possibly the best and easiest to use content management platform on the web! Byword App – Distraction-free writing app that are able to increase your productivity and increase procrastination.HubSpot Topic Generator – Stuck for what to write about? Try the HubSpot topic hypothesi generator! Grammarly – A potent writing assistant app and grammar lapse checker. A must for bloggers.Hemmingway – Another popular writing assistant app for bloggers.Pexels – The first best place to find high-quality stock idols to use in your blog posts.Unsplash – The next best situate to find tone photographs and images to use in your blog material.

Ultimate Content Creation Resource List For Podcasters

OK, let’s kick-start this list with another statistic –

An thought 73 million people listen to podcasts each month. Source

If your pick of content creation and spread is podcasting, the index below are some of the best implements that I use and recommend for log, publishing , and promotion of your podcast.

Whilst there are plenty of third-party platforms that you can submit your podcast to, countless podcasters prefer to publish their sees on their website( WordPress ). Let’s go through the podcasting implements and resource list below.

Blubrry PowerPress Plugin – No, I didn’t time misspell blueberry; it’s Blubrry. Blubbry has been the No1 podcasting plugin for WordPress for a long time. I’ve had this plugin lay on my blog now at Magnet4Blogging since 2013, and it really cultivates! The great thing about the Blubrry plugin is that it fully supports Apple and Google Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Fusebox Classic Player/ Transcript – Whilst the Blubrry plugin is strong, the podcast participate scarcity a little. It’s not that stimulating or instinctive, to be honest. This is why I use and recommend the Fusebox Classic Player plugin. The plugin makes you customize your podcast musician to coincide the ogle and wording of your blog.

Best Resources For Content Creators

If you head over to my podcast page and click on an escapade, you will see what the podcast actor looks like at the priorities in the post.

Libsyn – When the time comes to podcast hosting , no one does it better than Libsyn. I’ve been using this service since 2010! Yep, I’ve been a paid representative for over a decade. I desire this busines. Libsyn not only allows you to host your podcast, but you can access detailed stats about your listeners, such as daily, weekly, and monthly downloads and more. You can see your podcast grow!

Here are some additional podcasting tools, apps, and gear I recommend checking out –



Information Link

Anchor FM

Podcasting App



Podcasting App



Podcast Hosting


Audio Technica AD2 020

Recording Mic


InnoGear Mic Stand

Microphone Stand


Focusrite Scarlett Solo

Audio Interface



Podcast Software


If you’re brand new to podcasting, I recommend checking out these in-depth seminars. They actually facilitated me out when I started my podcast –

How To Start A Podcast The Complete Beginners Guide( Video )Podcast Marketing: 50 Podcasters Share The Tactics They Used To Grow Their Shows

Ultimate Resource List For Video Content Creators

You know the drill, let’s start with a video statistic

YouTube is the consumer’s extending beginning of video material in the U.S. at 75%, followed by Facebook at 64%. Source

Vlogging is a way of communicating use video medium like blogging is with oaths. This activity is not just reserved for the new generation of content creators. Veteran bloggers, digital marketers are also mounting on the video content creation bandwagon!

Below is a list of the best implements, apps, tech, and online services that I use and recommend. I don’t consider myself a vlogger, but I do waste quite a bit of time initiating video content for my YouTube channel, which I likewise embed into my blog posts.

1. Tech gear!

Smartphone Vlogging Kit – You don’t need to invest in expensive camera rig to start vlogging or organizing videos. If you have a smartphone, you already possess the best vlogging tool right in your pocket. This smartphone video microphone package will turn your smartphone camera into the ultimate vlogging camera! So, you have no excuse!

vlogging camera kit

Sony ZV-1 Camera – Easily one of the best vlogging cameras for content creators! This is one of two cameras of hand-picked for me. I use this and my trusty Panasonic Lumix G7, which is a little older but still a great camera even in 2021.

The Sony ZV-1 is a 20.1 MP 4K camera that comes with a variable-angle LCD screen. It’s pretty important to see yourself when recording selfie videos. It also has image stabilization, another important feature, and live stream capabilities. Great camera for starting your vlogging guess!

sony vlogging camera

DJI Ronin SC – I’m a huge follower of this bit of pack, which I’ve been using a great deal in my videos. This part of kit is absolutely NOT essential, but if you are diving into semi-pro film reaching or vlogging, and got money to expend, then it’s a good choice.

The Ronin SC is a compact professional gimbal for DSLR cameras! This little patch of kit helps to add a ton of stabilization to my videos. It is on the expensive side, and I’m sure if you do some experiment, you may find alternatives, but if you can budget for the DJI, I most recommend it.

ronin sc

2. Video content creation and revising tools

Creating and revising videos takes an enormous amount of occasion and force. Below is a list of the best video content creation and revising software and apps I its utilization and recommend.

Tool Name

What is it?

More information

Camtasia/ Snaggit

Video Editing



Video Creation/ Sharing


Final Cut Pro

Video Editing( Mac)



YouTube Plugins Pack



Graphics Tool



Music/ Video Footage


3. Other sources

OK, so that’s the tech and software stuff out of the way; here are some additional resources that you are able to find useful.

How To Use Vlogging To Promote Your Blog Magnet4Blogging6 Tools To Help You Create Video Content For Your Business Social Media TodayHow To Create Social Media Videos For Your Business Convince And ConvertHow To Vlog: The Simple Guide To Get You Started ConvertKit

It’s a wrapper!

OK, that’s it, we’re done with this mega-tools and resource post! Whatever type of content creator “youre ever”, I hope you’ve attained this announce valuable. If you have any questions about any of the tools, software, apps, connects, tech mentioned above, please leave me a comment below. If the comment section is closed, get in touch with me here. Best of fluke! Now run determine the web a better place!

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