There’s a great, large-scale, beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of every day! Perhaps there is no time like present to dream about a better future!~ Hop~ along we walk from decade to decade and marvel at the progression of technology.

After a brief introduction to Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress, you’ll start your passage at the turn of the century, where you’ll hear about the advancements of kitchen faucets, Thomas Edison and bathing drapes. The theme song continues as you travel to the next panorama in the 1920 s, as the family prepares for the Fourth of July. Next up is the 1940 s! You’ll watch a discussion about he “Rat Race, ” television and more. The carousel revolves you to the final vistum of the century, filled with virtual video games and a dwelling automation plan. The theater for Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress is almost as impressive as the prove. The public revolves around a central place, which admits a brand-new group of patrons to take a seat every few minutes instead of having to wait for the full section of the picture. This ingenious piece of technology is the perfect way to make a show about the capability of innovation. The show is about 21 minutes in section.

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0:00 – Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress
0:40 – Introduction
2:33 – The 1900 s
7:16 – The 1920 s
11:58 – The 1940 s
16:41 – The 21 st Century


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