What Are Google Trusted Stores?

Whether you’re a retailer, salesman, or inventive: Social proof is everything. If you expect anyone to buy anything from you, you’ll need to show them that other beings trust you and have had a good suffer with your business.

One popular action to do this has been with Google Trusted Supermarket. The platform offers Google’s seal of approval to your business while also providing patrons with purchase protection for their own security. Let’s look at the program and how it could help you.

What is a Google Trusted Store?

Google volunteers a free certification for businesses that provide users with a regularly high-quality shopping experience.

If your collect can meet the reporting requirements, you will receive a rely medal on your website exposing your total whiz rating. This various kinds of social proof is strong, and when possible purchasers see that stamp, they’ll know that you’re a trusted vendor.

Google has changed the programme from what it’s known as “Google Trusted Stores” to what they now call “Google Customer Reviews.” This platform is a bit different because you’ll no longer get a badge displayed in the search results, and Google doesn’t offer customer purchase protection anymore.

When asked why Google obliged the decision, they stated 😛 TAGEND

We’ve made this change to help us better focus our support on going you excellence reviews and seller ratings, the two major keys to driving more traffic to your site.

Reviews and seller ratings are important, so this could be a good change. The Google Trusted Storage planned never focused on that as it was more of a “pass-or-fail” situation. Now, Google is assisting you by are to achieve your customers inspiring them to give you a review and rating.

Google Trusted Store vs. Google Customer Reviews

It gets a little confusing to differentiate between Google Trusted Supermarket and Google Customer Reviews. Let’s try to clear things up so you understand the differences among Google Trusted Store and Google Customer Reviews.

Google Trusted Stores offered acquisition defence, seller ratings, client re-examines on-site, program stamps, and remember postponements in the SERPs.

Google Customer Reviews offerings seller ratings on Google, purchaser re-examines on-site, and curriculum badges.

You’re losing the acquire safety and review increases. Google does give something in place of its consideration of the item increases, though. Instead of having a badge on your ads, you can display the number of reviews and your overall hotshot rating. I’ll explain how you can access this in the next section.

How to Become a Google Trusted Store

If you’re previously part of the program, you won’t “re going to have to” do anything to migrate to the Google Customer Reviews. If you’ve never signed up before and are inquiring about it for the first time, here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Access the Merchant Center

Google trusted stores merchant center

First, you’ll go to the Google Merchant Center. If you already have an account, you can log in, but if you don’t, I’ll walk you through the steps. The whole process shouldn’t make longer than a few minutes.

Once you sounds “sign up, ” you’ll be brought to the page below.

Google trusted stores setup

You’ll create your account with all your business details and upload your concoctions, which will have been exposed all over Google, browsing ads, and regional ads. Enter your business call, country, and meter zone. Once you do that, a brand-new area will pop up underneath.

Google trusted stores products

This is where you’ll choose what action you want people to take and how you demand Google to manage your advertisement. You can send traffic from the ad directly to your website, have clients supplemented parts to their cart directly on Google, or advertise a brick-and-mortar store with directions.

For example, I chose to have purchasers acquisition on my website.

You can then sync with other implements like PayPal, placed your notifications and emails that you want to receive, and accept the terms of use.

Step 2: Input Important Business Information

Once you reach the next page, you’ll have to input some more firm datum. You can set up nuisance tax, input sending methods and fees, including your website, and upload product data.

When you think you have everything you need to upload, you can confirm it and initiate your free listing.

Step 3: Enable Patron Refreshes

You’ll end up on this page once you’ve activated your free listing or hop-skip past that process.

Google trusted stores ads

We want to enable Google Customer Reviews now. You can do this by moving down and meet this check box. Click “enable, ” read through the agreement , and click save and continue.

Google trusted stores reviews

To qualify, your storage needs to have its browsing cart and checkout sheets hosted on the same domain, the corroboration sheet must be hosted on your region, and you need to add to the top of every page.

Google trusted stores backend

You’ll then have to verify your note abusing the Google Trusted Store the conditions and paste its consideration of the item opt-in system on your website.

Once Google has determined you is worth the designation, they’ll then induced visitors to provide feedback on your storage every time they purchase something. You’ll also be able to display the Google Customer Reviews medal on your website.

Google trusted stores customer reviews

The evaluation process makes between 60 to 90 daylights so it’s not something that will happen overnight, but it’s a great way to increase social proof, ensure customers trust you, and drive more traffic by getting more reviews quicker.

Benefits of Becoming a Google Trusted Store

What’s the big deal with the Google Trusted Stores planned and why should you make this a priority for your business? It’s the same reason why we trust certain dealers over others. If you own a store that obligates tradition mugs, likelihoods are you have “preferred vendors” that you buy from over and over again.

Why do you do this?

You do it because you trust them. Having that seal of approval from Google can do a lot for your honour, and anyone who understands the program is recognized that you need to meet Google’s requirements to join.

Social Proof

We do so many things in our collects to ensure that parties trust us. We include badges, testimonials, and trust represents. Customers realize that Google isn’t the one giving you the reviews; it’s other customers. When was the last you bought something from an unfamiliar business without checking the reviews first?

Positive scrutinizes are the best form of social proof because it evidences new customers that other beings like what you’re selling and they trust buying it from you. This is especially important with new businesses.

Seller Ratings

Once you get the badge, you can then display your dealer ratings with your supermarket positions and ads. As customers are scrolling through the many available options, they’ll see that your concoction has a 4.8 out of 5 and will likely buy it because you have a close-to-perfect rating and a better rating than your competitors.

Best of all, you’ll get a verified browse label if you decide to advertise with Google as well. This assistance separate you from the supermarkets that weren’t willing to go the extra mile and sign up for the program.

How Purchasers Benefit From Google Trusted Store

At one time, the benefits of shopping with Google Trusted Stores were very clear. Now, it’s a bit more of a gray area since Google moved to the customer-reviews platform.

Google first offered purchaser safety when they are patronized from a trusted collect. If the customer failed to receive the item, was billed incorrectly, or didn’t receive the item in a timely manner, Google would intercede and help provide a solution.

It appears that this proved to be a bit difficult for Google to manage, and that was likely the main reason they switched to the new platform.

That said, customers still receive many benefits from applying the Google Trusted Accumulation pulpit even in its new form.

Customers who patronize from these accumulates know that they have many positive evaluates from the experience the businesses ply. By researching, reading re-examines, and understanding where to browse, customers have a higher chance of receiving the products they purchased in a timely manner.

Although clients is no longer able receive acquire care, buying from a reputable place should almost always to be translated into a good know-how because the retailer wants that reputation to remain. Plus purchasers will have the opportunity to fill out a survey if they did have a bad experience.

How to Get a’ Trusted Store’ Badge for Your AdWords Campaigns

Since the switch to relied examines, Google no longer offers a button on AdWords safaruss. What they do volunteer is pretty powerful, though.

You may recollect a epoch when Google input some of your short-lived, positive recollects at the bottom of your AdWords ad. This was a great way to provide potential traffic with a quick outburst of social proof.

However, what they replaced it with is merely a good, if not better. Now your safaruss will display outcomes same to the one below.

Google trusted stores in serps

Instead of a single recall, you’ll get a star rating, the number of ratings, and a qualifier like average transmission meter. There are some requirements to gain this status, though 😛 TAGEND

Google “ve received”/ collected 100 unique evaluates within the last 12 months across Google Customer Reviews or third-party review partnersGoogle and/ or its partners have completed a research evaluation of your place; orGoogle has completed an evaluation of your locate via Google Consumer Surveys.Average, composite, rating of 3.5 or more aces for Text AdsCurrently, Google can show Seller Ratings if the average rating is less than 3.5 starsThe ad’s perceptible URL domain must pair the domain with the ratings

All of this is shaped possible through the customer inspects pulpit. As people are obtaining from you and leaving refreshes, you’re building this portfolio to increase your chances of getting the ad extension.

Repercussions of Not Honoring Google Trusted Store Policies

Google ever has consequences for everything, right? The same holds true for the Google Trusted Accumulation curriculum. If you’re a accumulation owner and are concerned about your ability to honor the policies, you might want to get some arrangements in place to be ready.

Each time someone purchases something from you, they’ll be invited to fill out a inspect explaining how the process exited. Furthermore, they’ll have additional opportunities to provide feedback to Google on how sending went and how the produce is when they receive it.

If at any point the customer is dissatisfied with the service and they provide feedback on that, you’ll receive that datum. If you regularly receive negative feedback , not only will it hurt your ratings but it could to be translated into you going removed from the program as well.

Google will still stay where you are and make sure that you’re honoring the requests of your patrons. Even though they don’t offer customer purchase protection anymore, they’re still invested in assuring that customers receive the best possible experience on Google.


If you’re trying to get more attention to your collect, there are a variety of resources that can help you with that, including my authority. Whether you’ve been involved in the Google Trusted Storage program for years or are just getting started, social proof is powerful.

You can never have too much of that, and Google will ensure that the businesses offering the best experience get propagandized to the front of the line.

Do you prefer Google Customer Reviews over Google Trusted Stores? Explain why in the comments.

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