Blogging for Authors: Build an Author Platform and Sell More Books with Your Blog

Do you want to sell more books?

Many authors are frustrated to learn that writing a book is only half the battle. Just because you wrote a stellar book doesn’t mean that it will sell.

Perhaps you’ve heard, “You need to build an author platform.” And it’s true. You won’t sell books without a platform.

But how exactly do you do that? And if you spend all kinds of time building a platform, how in the world do you have time to write books? Trust me, I’ve been there and experienced the same feelings of frustration and overwhelm that you feel.

The good news is that I’ve found blogging to be the best way to build my author platform. Not only has my blog helped me write more books, it’s also been a source of income for me that goes far beyond books.

I share what I’ve learned about how to build an author platform through blogging in this book.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

– Why every author should have a blog
– How to set up a blog
– The best WordPress plugins for authors
– Effective use of tags and categories
– Types of blog posts that work well for authors
– Advice on blog post frequency and length
– The anatomy of a good blog post
– How to optimize your posts so they’ll be found in Google and other search engines
– How to block out distractions
– The difference between blog posts and pages and how to effectively use each one
– The types of pages to include on your site
– How to add fuel to your content engine
– How to identify and optimize your best content
– What to do when it seems that no one reads your blog

If you’re ready to sell more books with your blog, scroll up to the top of this page and click on “buy now.”

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Blogging Bundle

Buy one, get one free!

For those who need more knowledge, Shelley Wenger is proud to offer her latest book, Blogging Bundle. In it, she combines two of her books, Blogging For Your Business and Your Questions Answered: Top Questions about Blogging.
If you have a business, you know that being online is the key to success… and that includes having a blog. If you don’t know where to start, Shelley Wenger’s Blogging Bundle could be just what you need!
Blogging Bundles includes advice on all of the following topics, specifically designed to help small and large business owners on their blogging journey:

  • What Is a Blog?
  • Why Do You Need a Blog?
  • Once You Decide to Blog, How Often Should You Blog?
  • How To Find a Topic for Your Blog
  • How To Find Things To Write About Week After Week
  • What If I Can’t Write a List?
  • A Little Thing We Call Writer’s Block
  • No Blog Is Complete Without Pictures!
  • Why You Have To Be Careful With Your Pictures?
  • So, Where Can You Get Safe Pictures For Your Blog?
  • Reasons To Delegate Your Blog (Or Other Business Tasks)
  • Time: The Best Reason to Delegate
  • Reasons To Hire Me To Write Your Blog
  • And much, much more!

If you want to reach more customers with a blog, pick up a copy today!

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Blogging in the Margins: 10-Minute Tasks to Help You Prioritize, Maximize Your Precious Time, and Earn Without Losing Your Mind

Are you yanked in so many directions you have no time to turn your blog into a business?

Right now, as you read this, your to-do list is probably growing. When you do have time to work, you don’t know where to start because there’s always just one more thing in blogging!

Stop the daily struggle.

With so much to do and too little time, where you spend time on your blog matters. Get more than 80, 10-minute tasks used by professional bloggers who fit blogging into the margins of their lives while earning a full-time income.

We have the same demands on our time: kids, marriage, after-school activities, full-time jobs, friends, family trips, the gym, grocery shopping, self-care… But, we’ve figured out that certain tasks move our businesses forward and make us more money.

Grow your blog and income without losing your mind. This guide will walk you through actionable steps in each of the following areas of building an online business.

Here’s what’s in this take-action guide:

– Blog Business Strategy (Setup a Business Plan and Execute),

– Blog Content to Increase Traffic (Content Marketing for YOUR Audience),

– Earning and Maximizing Income from Your Blog (Blogging for Profit),

– Affiliate Marketing Conversion Tips (Otherwise, What’s the Point?),

– Marketing Yourself and Your Business (Grow Your Influence and Grow Traffic),

– List-Building and Email Marketing that Matters (Big Lists Don’t Matter), and

– Social Media (Without the Time-Suck).

This guide isn’t an advertisement for one of my websites or a series of services (don’t you hate that?!). Blogging in the Margins is a stand-alone guide to help you make the most of your precious time while building a business you can be proud to tell your friends and family about.

You can pick up this book, do a task, and put it down knowing you’re moving your business forward.

You can earn an income with your blog, but it means maximizing the time you have to spend on it.

Get this book now and get started with 10-minute growth and income-earning tasks used by professional bloggers.

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Blogging for Profit: The Content Creation Blueprint (How to Master Content Creation to Propel Your Blog On to the Next Level and Make Even More Serious Money Online)

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