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Top Best Blogging Platforms


Blogging Platforms

If you are interested in blogging then nothing can stop you from having your own blog and start earning through that. If you have some plans for creating a blog, you need to first choose the niche that you are proficient in or interested in.

There are so many blogging platforms available on the blog, you need to choose the best blogging platform that can easily satisfy the needs of your blog or business. There are so many blogging platforms that are really popular in the market with their exceptional services and features. It is hard to determine which one is best for you as it can be based on the niche of the blog that you have chosen.

Here are some of the factors that can be considered when you are choosing the blogging platform. These factors can help you in evaluating the blogging platform well so that you can decide whether to choose that particular blogging platform or not.

The most popular names in the blogging niche include Typepad, square Spaces, blogger, tumbler, and WordPress. All these are the various blogging platforms that have got their own features and have got so many benefits to offer to the bloggers.

Here are the factors that help you in evaluating a blogging platform.

Audience Reach

The audience reaches that your blog gets from the blogging platform is not just about the number of people who are visiting the blog but also related to the ability of the blogging platform for redirecting visitors to a particular blog. WordPress is the platform that is always the winner in this context as it always gets a huge audience. It always does the job of supplying posts on various blogs. Blog posts can really reach a great way of distributing the posts on individual blogs. Blog posts can get more chances for getting likes and also can have followers easily. You can get so many followers for the blog with more posts on your blog. Tumblr is the blog that has got second place in the factor of audience reach.

Advertising Capability

Another feature that you should look for is to find the chance for advertising. When you consider blogging as a good source of income through advertisement then the best blogging platform for you is the one that allows ads on the blogs even when you possess a free account. Tumblr and blogger are the platforms that provide such a facility. WordPress usually does not provide the chance for having ads on the blogs unless and until you have got a paid account. Squarespace and TypePad also allow ads but with the same constraint as that of WordPress. It is good for you to choose the platforms that support advertisements well in such a context.

Ease in Usage

Squarespace provides the ability for building a trial account from the home page without entering the details of the credit card. The interface that you find with them is intuitive and simple. This is the best blogging platform for the ones who do not have any technical skills. Tumblr can be easy for setting up but has got some limitations in the capabilities compared with other platforms. If you are an individual with better technical skills then WordPress can be much easier to use. The best platform for the individual depends on the level of his knowledge on technical aspects. As per your knowledge and skills you should choose the platform and not because you feel that platform is much popular than others. If you are not able to use that well then there is no point in choosing something that is so popular over the web.

Flexibility in Design

The best blogging platform that you choose should contain templates that are ready-made which anyone can use so that they can save quite a good amount of resources and time. For the ones who need flexibility for changing the templates and producing such a design that is suitable for them, the available options are less clear. If you are skilled with CSS and HTML then you can consider editing the templates that you can get from WordPress. The creation of a custom template can be possible in WordPress but it is not something very easy.